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April 26, 2018


Lions and Lambs

by Jae Kay Raz

(This post was started at the beginning of March, and heavily updated on April 26, 2018. For that reason, I decided to repost this for the current day. Everything after the Full Moon chart is new content, or completely reworked old content.)

For my current location, here in the Greater Jacksonville, Florida area, March has rolled in like the sweetest of lambs. The weather reached a temperate high of 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and the skies were partly cloudy throughout the day…a perfect beach day, for hiking rather than swimming, because the Atlantic Ocean waters are still bone-achingly chilly. Additionally, I work as an open heart recovery/cardiovascular intensive care nurse, and my workday was dull, really one of the slower days I have experienced as a nurse. Considering that most days as a medical professional in an acute care setting can be likened to running a marathon at a sprint pace, while being set ablaze by an eternal flame, today was exceptional for its benign atmosphere.

Apparently, this cool runnings, mellow, snail-pace day foretells the impact of tonight’s full Moon in Virgo, at least for the eastern seaboard of the United States. I am attaching the full moon chart for my hometown, but you will find similar charts for any location in the eastern standard time zone of the United States.


Of course full moons have historically been associated with chaos, increased criminal activity, and more frequent hospital admissions and code blue events. (As an aside, I can tell you, from the perspective of nurse + astrologer, that the new moon phase can be as action packed as the full moon phase. I assume that we collectively do not associate the new moon with extremes, simply because we don’t see it, and are not generally aware of the passing of moon phases.) This particular full moon is a kinder, gentler lunar influence, with Mercury (the Moon’s ruler) conjoining exalted Venus in Pisces. All these celestial orbs are cadent, and retreating from the angles. They are sleepy and setting. Venus and the Moon gain a bit of strength here by being in sect. Tonight would be a perfect night for a bubble bath, or some, slow, sweet love making. Intellectual pursuits are not favored with Mercury in his detriment and fall, while also cadent and retreating as well. He is distracted by lovely Venus, who is also trine Jupiter in Scorpio, who is eight days away from retrograding, and therefore enjoying his last day before stasis.

So treat yourself, and perhaps your lover this full moon. Don’t argue or nag…Mars in Sag challenges Venus and Mercury, as he is seeking attention. He will get it by fighting or fucking, but he will not be ignored. Disregard some of the emphasis placed on Sag/Pisces square here. According to Alexandrinous, Sagittarius and Pisces share affinity for each other simply because they share a ruler, Jupiter. And of all the pairings of signs who share a ruler, none would do so as benevolently, and magnanimously than those ruled by old fatty Jupiter. Think about how freely Zeus spread his love to anyone he could get his hands on, and in all kinds of shocking manifestations…like a swan…really! Makes you appreciate why Hera was so crusty all the time.

Of course, the old adage asserts that if March comes in like a lamb, then it will go out like a lion. Even the most airy-fairy astrologer would be forced to admit that the energy present during this moment in time will shift dramatically. There will be the normal, annular shifts, such as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all crossing over into Aries. For every cold, slumber of Winter, we must arise and behold the majesty of Spring. It is no surpise to me that Jupiter both ushers in and ushers out the Saturnine grip of Winter. My trust in the harmony of the spheres as it relates to traditional, rather then modern rulership is only reinforced.

So, in addition to the usual, seasonal shift we experience at this time of year (sorry southerm hemisperians for being so northern hemisphere centric. Don’t get mad. Look around you and study your indigneous cultures. Record your own mythologies. My bet is that your clockwise mythologies will complement these counter-clockwise mythologies rather nicely), we will be experiencing some rather remarkable astrological occurences. Jupiter will station retrograde on March 8th, and this station will be felt most poignantly between March 1st and March 15th, seven days before and after Jupiter’s station. Jupiter spends approximately half of the year, every year, in an apparent retrograde motion, so this is not especially mind blowing. On March 17th, Mars will enter Capricorn. Again, Mars transits a new sign every couple of months, so this entrance into Capricorn, his place of exaltation is not usual.

What makes March and April 2018 exceptional, is the convergence of energies and events. By the end of March, we will have a collection of planets in Aries: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. We will also have some heavy weights in Capricorn: Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. These planets will agitate each other. Saturn and Mars meet together in Capricorn approximately every 30 years. Pluto has not been in Capricorn since the 1700s. The Capricorn planets: exalted Mars, and Saturn in his rulership will form a superior square to all the Aries planets, including the Sun, who is exalted here. Normally, I would say that exalted Sun in Aries wins the fight, any fight. But, because Saturn and Mars are strong, and to the right of the Sun, and because the Sun is receiving his marching orders from Mars (Mars is the ruler of Aries), the Capricorn planets win here, everytime. None of this energy is kind, yielding or forgiving. Mars likes to war, Saturn likes to restrict. If conflict does not erupt during this time period, I would say that any conflict we experience during the next year or two can be traced back to this time period. Put it this way: let’s pretend that your are viewing a stick of dynamite being lit which has a relatively long fuse. The stick may explode 6 months from now, but the fuse was lit today. When we add Pluto into the equation, as the fire, the fuse, or the explosive material, the impact could be felt for centuries to come.

I left off at the last paragraph after the chart pic, and am finishing this past on April 26, 2018. Of course, WWIII did not happen. The US did order bomb strikes against Syria during this time, which is an echo of strikes launched by the US government the year before. Are these events the light of the fuse? Only time will tell. I was personally blessed recently, in caring for an open heart recoevery patient, who is both Syrian and Catholic. Being highly Jupiterian, I have always enjoyed talking to people from different countries and cultures. It is probably the biggest unstated bonus of working in the medical field that I am exposed to people from all over the globe. Despite our differences, we bonded over the Catholism. But when I approach a person who may be different from me in some way, or even hostile, I usually let them take the lead in conversations, because I am automatically ignorant to their experience, and I know it. People like to use the word “ignorant” as an insult, but it is impossible to know everything, understand everything, empathize with everything. It is impossible for me to know everything there is to be learned in my own neck-of-the-woods, let alone comprehend the reality of what it means to be a Syrian Catholic man, who has become an American citizen, who then has to watch his home country be bombed by the country in which he has chosen to reside. But I can listen to him, and allow him to speak from his point of view without putting my own sense of reality and expectations on what he says. The only shame in ignorance, is the unwillingness to learn, or more importantly, the belligerence associated with ignorance. I enojoyed listening to him, and he enjoyed talking (don’t we all want an audience, even if only one person?). I will forever love this man for stating, as many of do as Americans, that he loves this country, its people and its ideals, but he hates the government, or what it has become, so perverted from the requirements of our Constitution. This patient is a Capricorn, by the way, who is experiencing his own Saturn in Capricon tales.

So, we have the bombing in Syria on one side of the spectrum, and the possible peace between North and South Korea on the other side. I have to wonder how much of this was made possible by the Olympic games. I have always been a long time enthusiast of the Olympics, and was rather moved by the opening ceremonies presented by South Korea, who among other roles, has become the caretaker of the history and culture of both Koreas. For this reason alone, I could never be an ardent follower of communism. Communism according to Marx does not just want to redistribute the wealth from the elite to the rest of humanity, it also wants to erase history from our books and destroy the family unit, as a smaller component of nationalism and tribalism.

China tried to eradicate its own thousands year old culture, and destroy the family unit during the 1960’s, but fortunately saw the error of its own ways in time. I have to wonder what it must have been like to be a North Korean watching the display of its own history and culture, its own identity, being portrayed during the opening ceremony of the Winter Games. The whole story of Korea, and how it came to be two nations, is rather heartbreaking to me. Unlike Germany, who was the ultimate villain of WWII, and was thus carved up by the victors (the US, the UK, France, and the USSR), Korea really wasn’t a “bad guy”. It was mostly just a Cold War casualty. And like German families, mostly innocent of the machinations of mad-men, Korean families were torn apart by the creation of the Demilitarized Zone along the 38th parallel. I was impressed by the themes of unification that permeated the last Olympic games, and it is my prayer that the Korean people see an end to division and fear.

All politics, and geo-political ruminations aside, the real story of 2018 may be the stock market. I didn’t necessarily have Korea or Syria on my mind when I started this post nearly two months ago, but I did have the stock market on my mind. Now, I am no stock market expert or financial expert. Really, I am not the expert of anything. But during Saturn in Capricorn time, or the time leading up to it, when Saturn is in the last decan of Sagittarius, there is generally a stock market crash or a stock market correction. Often times, a stock market correction is a logical downward turn after a period of growth. Upon peaking at the charts of stock market crashes from 1929, 1987, 1989, 2007, and 2008, stock market crashes and corrections seem to coincide with heavy Sagittarian and Capricornian activity. The 2008 stock market crash occured on the back of Jupiter in Capricorn, and Pluto in Sagittarius, which had just retrograded from Capricorn to Sagittarius. Our entire finanicial picture seems to hinge on the push-pull relationship with expansive Jupiter and contractive Saturn. The stock market picture since then, and especially when it started to truly recover around March 2010, has steadily trended upward. (Jupiter ruled Pisces is a culprit again, but in watery Pisces, rather than explosive Sagittarius. In fact, Jupiter himself was in Pisces when the economy turned towards recovery). Since around the first of this year, and shortly after Saturn entered Capricorn, the stock market has become unstable. We see big gains, followed by big loses day to day. You may think that this erratic foreward and backward motion is very un-Earth or un-Capricorn like, but think realistically about an earthquake’s activity. The movement of the Earth back and forth along tectonic plates is very sudden, jarring and dramatic. Jupiter at this moment is fairly weak in Scorpio, and is taking orders from Mars. But towards the latter half of the year, he will enter Sagittarius, where he takes orders from no one. By this fall, we should see a Jupiter break forth who is very tired of being seated at the little kids’ table.

The following is a snap shot of the stock market graph during the course of the past year. Of course, not everything can be summarized in this way, but I think the heave-ho nature of the stock market is well illustrated here. Not sure how to change the size of this image, because it is much larger than it needs to be. Stay tuned though to world news, and keep your eyes peeled. And as always and as usual, take care and love your family, and try not to fret. Not much we can do about global finances or relationships after all, but I do think it pays to be aware.


Lastly, my featured pic is a one I took at Epcot Center during Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival. When I tried to link this post to my Facebook page, it anchored onto my screen shot of the stock market graph. This pic is much lovelier.


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  1. Apr 27 2018

    Finally got a chance to sit down and watch this video of the meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. I hope this turns out well for the Korean people. Aside from that, the dog and pony show here is spectacular.



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