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May 30, 2018


The Quill and The Arrow: Sagittarius Full Moon

by Jae Kay Raz

Sorry for the inconsistency with regards to this site. One thing I have noticed in my own life when it comes to success with any endeavor is that I basically have to fall down a thousand times, and then get back up a thousand times before anything truly sticks with me. This is probably true for many of us, and I fear I am unwittingly ripping off some ancient Chinese or Greek aphorism when I say that. The repeated attempt thing is kind of new for me. When I was a kid, if I was not automatically good at something, or didn’t receive the praise I thought I deserved right away, I would give up. Not to blame the stars for my shortcomings, but that tendency has Moon in Aries written all over it.

It has taken me forty-plus years to realize that I don’t have to be great at something, win a contest, or generate accolades to participate in something I am genuinely passionate about. People are critical of the participation trophy environment we live in, and I do believe that people who excel at something should be rewarded. But life isn’t always about winning or being the best. I don’t think I ever appreciated that more than when I walked/jogged/stumbled through a half marathon. I endured and completed a half marathon I was mostly unprepared for, in part, because I knew I would receive a medal for it, not a medal for winning or placing, but simply for completing the race. When I recall how grueling that event was, I don’t feel guilty for receiving a participation award, because I did achieve something that day, even if it was only a personal victory.

Anyway, all that was not necessarily what I came here to discuss, so onwards and upwards (and really, what would a Gemini/Sagittarius axis day encourage us to do besides wax eloquent and philosophic?) Here is a copy of the Full Moon for my location:

Full Moon Sag 2018

Probably the coolest thing about this chart is that the fixed star, Aldebaran, is conjunct the Sun, and the fixed star, Antares, is conjunct the Moon. Aldebaran and Antares, as well as Regulus and Fomalhaut, are known as the Royal Stars of Persia. They occupy the four fixed sign angles in the Sidereal Zodiac: Aldebaran occupies Taurus (or Tropical Gemini), Regulus occupies the early degrees of Leo in the Sidereal Zodiac and the very last degree of Leo in the Tropical zodiac, Antares occupies Sidereal Scorpio and Tropical Sagitarrius, and Fomalhaut occupies Sidereal Aquarius and Tropical Pisces * (see note 1).

An interesting aside to this is that the four fixed signs played a role in religious symbolism and prophecy. The Christian * (see note 2 and 2b) Tetramorph was the symbolic joining of these four similar modalities, but dissimilar elements (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are all fixed signs occupying different elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air) into one creepy, chimerical type body. This body was composed of an ox, a lion, an eagle, and a man. It worth nothing that the eagle can be used to represent Scorpio, particularly in Evolutionary Astrology, where the eagle represents Scorpio at its highest, most noble form.

This symbolic joining was not unique to Christianity, but Christian scholars throughout the ages were aware of the Tetramorph, and considered each arm of the Tetramorph to be associated with a different Gospel author. There was quite a bit of disagreement as to which arm related to which author. I know what you are thinking, “astrologers, theologians, philosophers, and/or historians disagreeing about key concepts-poppycock!” ┬áIf you are un-familiar with the New Testament of the Christian Bible, the first four books of the New Testament were written by apostles (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) of Jesus Christ, who actually travelled with him and witnessed his teachings and activities first hand. Words written in red in the four Gospels of Christ were words spoken directly by Jesus * (see note 2 again if you forgot what it said). Most commonly, Matthew is associated with Man (Aquarius), Mark with the Lion (Leo), Luke with the Ox (Taurus), and John with the Eagle (Scorpio). The Tetramorph first appears to the prophet Ezekiel in the Old Testament, and again in the New Testament Book of Revelations, and represents four perfect aspects of Christ’s Church: its humanity, its servitude, its dignity, and its aspiration to Heaven.The featured image for this article is a artistic rendering of the Tetramorph. The artist is unknown, and the image belongs on the public domain.


Back to today: we have two of the four Royal Stars engaged in a tug-of-war with the lights of our sky, the Sun and Moon. It is a battle royale between male and female principles occuring with equally powerful champions in Aldebaran and Antares. I will not go too much into the nature of these fixed stars other than to say that Aldebaran is generally regarded as a positive influence and Antares is generally regarded as negative. I do believe that Gemini Sun wins the contest here, and not only because it is linked more favorably. The Sun will continue to perfect his conjunction to Aldebaran over the next several days. Meanwhile, his ruler, Mercury will enter the sign of his rulership, Gemini, shortly after the Full Moon. The Moon, on the other hand, will only pair up with Antares for a few hours. Furthermore, her ruler, Jupiter is still floundering in a retrograde state in Scorpio. Jupiter enjoys little essential dignity in Scorpio.

For this location chart, which is similar to any chart in the eastern time zone of the United States, Mars and the South Node are swiftly approaching the 7th house cusp. It would be said that Mars is strongly advancing, and is sitting directly on that angle. This makes Mars one of the most powerful planets in this chart. Mars is moving away from a square to Uranus, who recently entered Taurus. Mars and Uranus will both be retrograding, and performing this little square dance with each other all Summer long. The Sun and Moon are sounding a trumpet, and its blast is a message about Mars. Both the Sun and Moon interact comfortably with Mars by trine and sextile respectively. So we are seeing and hearing more of a song than an alarm.

Ultimately, this chart seems to foretell the events of the Summer, rather than signify anything specific itself. Mutable sign activity serves to perpetuate motion and activity already initiated and sustained by its Cardinal and Fixed sign predecesors. It does not create activity of its own. Mutable sign energy also acts as a bridge to the next season. It acts as a kind of psychopomp, escorting us in this case from the Spring to the Summer. This summer, on June 26th, Mars stations retrograde at 9 degrees Aqaurius. One month and one day later, we will experience a South Node Lunar Eclipse, with the Moon, Mars, and the South Node all tightly conjoined in Aquarius, and the Moon in the middle at 4 degrees 44 minutes. Mars retrograde in Aquarius is really star of the show this Summer, because Mars rarely retrogrades in Aquarius, at least in the modern era. The last time he was retrograde fully in Aquarius was 1971. It makes me feel good to say that there is some astrological phenomena older than me. I have Mars in Aquarius natally at 8 degrees, so that may be the only thing that feels good for me. Or maybe not. I am an optimistic Jupiter in Pisces in the 10th kind of girl. I am mostly looking at this time with some bemused curiosity.

So, moral of this story: today we are finalizing the energy and themes of the Spring, while contemplating the possible themes and energy of the Summer. That is the job of Mutable energy, to aid in transition. Have you ever noticed that in a large project, it is always those finishing touches which seem the most arduous and most thankless parts of the job? Remember that when you are falling for all the bad press aimed at Mutable sign people. We are dotting i’s and crossing t’s that the Cardinal signs have lost interest in and the Fixed signs refuse to address.

Note 1:

Better people than me have analyzed and discussed at length the merits of the Sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs, and how there really is room for both on our crazy little sphere called Earth. I am not going to re-argue a topic which has succintly and eloquently been presented by other people, but I will find links to those for your enjoyment and enrichment. Suffice to say that both Sidereal and Tropical Astrology are both valid systems, neither of which cancel each other out.

Note 2:

I am not an apologist for Astrology or Christianity, as I am both a Christian and an Astrologer. I am not here to prove or debate the validity or value of either institution. There are many people who encourage and revel in that kind of debate. I do not, nor will I court apologistic debate or disrespect here. I will proceed here in every post with the base assumption that Astrology and Christianity are both real. That is not to say that discussion and debate within those topics are unwelcome. If you think Astrology is hogwash, or if you want to show me on a doll where Christianity hurt you and you are pissed off, this is not the site for you. Thank you.

Note 2b:

The focus for this site is primarily Astrology. Therefore, I will not discuss religion unless it pertains to the history or practice of Astrology.

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  1. May 30 2018

    Holy moly, this article desperately needs an edit. I am fully aware. I am just so tired. Calgon, take me away!!!



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