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March 27, 2019

Venus in Pisces Day: Today and Yesterday

by Jae Kay Raz

There is no doubt that Venus loves being in Pisces. She is at her best there, because she is exalted. Venus also loves occupying any feminine sign. She is the diurnal triplicity ruler of all Earth and Water sign placements. Venus in Pisces is loving and desirable. She is soft and flowing. She gives with no expectation of reciprocity. Venus in Pisces is long-suffering, which is a gift of the Christian Holy Spirit. You would think I have that placement, but mine is in Aries and that is a whole different ball of wax. Aries and Pisces are both considered lusty signs and are contra-antiscia to one another, so I appreciate where Venus in Pisces is coming from.


Furthermore, this site, House of Joy Astrology, has Venus in Pisces in the 5th house and was conceived during the night, so Venus was in sect. The 5th house is Venus’s house of joy, hence the name. All of these conditions are currently being experienced at the moment I write this post. (Sadly, there is no dapper dude hiding under my desk right now, in keeping with the pic above, but Pisces does have a vivid imagination😘.)The Venus of this site is very strong and Venus is strong right now. Being new to this sign, the current Venus is in the Pisces 12th part. House of Joy has Venus at 20 °16 Pisces, so her 12th part is Scorpio. Venus is not ecstatic to dwell in the sign of her opponent, Mars, but finds comfort and probably hot sex while dwelling in her own triplicity. Venus did engage in a rather scandalous affair with the God of War after all.

img_6442march 26, 2019

Lastly, Venus in Pisces answers to Jupiter in Sagittarius, because Jupiter rules Pisces and Jupiter in Sag is to the right of Pisces. Any aspect relationship between two planets expresses itself in a master/commander dynamic; the planet to the right being the master and commander of the planet to the left. There is no doubt that Sagittarius and Pisces share a tense relationship being square to one another, but full description of aspects and planetary relationships was greatly watered down during the modern age of astrology. Sag and Pisces are square to one another, but they share the same ruler. In this case, Jupiter in Sag and Venus in Pisces shed no tears in their dealings with one another. Venus is content to do Jupiter’s bidding. Let the good times roll.

Back to the House of Joy natal chart: I didn’t start this post with the intent of discussing her chart in depth, but I noticed that HOJA is also experiencing a Mercury return today. Mercury was in a mixed bag state then and in an even mixier, hyper-potent state today. I am going to break this down right now.

Mercury was at 16°49′ Pisces when HOJA was born and Mercury is at 16°11′ minutes Pisces at this moment. What can be said of Mercury in its 17th degree? Firstly, there is no more uncomfortable sign for Mercury to exist in than Pisces, because Mercury is both in its detriment and fall in Pisces. Mercury needs the precision of an Earth sign or the emotional detachment of an Air sign to function optimally. None of that is to be found in watery, Jupiterian Pisces.

This post and this site both have Mercury somewhere in the 17th degree of Pisces. Mercury from 15°00′ to 17°29′ is in the 12th part of Virgo, which conversely, Mercury loves. No other planet enjoys both domicile and exaltation status in one sign, other than Mercury in Virgo.  In order to fully illustrate how beneficial Mercury in Virgo really is: Switzerland has both Sun and Mercury in Virgo. Switzerland is known for its watch-making, among other things. Now, there is a benefit to seeing the forest for the trees, particularly in the field of justice, which Mercury’s opposite, Jupiter oversees. There is also a benefit to emotional thinking, in terms of art and poetry. There is no benefit to abstraction or emotionalism when it comes to watch making or time telling or arrow shooting, where an excruciating attention to detail really counts. This is why Mercury is happy in Virgo and not in Pisces. It can do its fucking job. Interestingly, Mercurial precision actually does benefit music, art and philosophy, so it gives more than it receives.

HOJA’s chart contains a Mercury which was combust to the Sun. Probably, this is going to be a more art than science website, but there are other aims to strive for:) Mercury was in sect during HOJA’s birth and it is not at this moment. It will be tomorrow during the day. Mercury sect is derived not by its gender to diurnal/nocturnal relationship like other planets, because Mercury has no gender. Its relationship to the Sun and the Sun’s gender tells the tale.

Today’s Mercury is not combust, but is in doubly in phasis, because it is stationing to change direction and apply to forward motion. It is also in a Heliacal Rise phase, which means it has just made its appearance in the morning sky, after being overshadowed by the beams of the Sun.

Within the past couple of days, we have experience some odd, perplexing and continuously obfuscating news revelations here in the US. Jussie Smollett’s charges were dropped by the Chicago, DA. Probably appropriate, due to the witch hunt nature of the public reaction to his transgressions, which relates to a bigger picture of hyper-emotional reactions to social injustice and the exploitation of social injustice for personal gain. We have also witnessed the surprising revelation that Robert Mueller could not find collusion between Russia and President Trump with regards to election tampering. With that comes conservative crowing and liberal tears and double-downing, narrative bending.

Mercury is currently conjunct Neptune within minutes. We are truly existing in a quagmire of truth, lies, reality, fantasy, rationalism and emotionalism like nothing I have ever seen. Speaking of watches: did you scratch yours while simultaneously attempting to wind your butt lately? I did so hard that I gave myself a migraine:)

Those are the two big similarities between this moment and HOJA’s natal chart. One thing I can say is that my active foray into Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology has really made astrology and chart reading come alive for me. It I have touched on any concepts that seems unfamiliar, they likely spring from that time period. I was nearly ready to give up on astrology as a passion until I discovered Renaissance astrology in 2001, which lead me to the place I am now. It took me quite a while to really refine my passion in earnest, due to life, single motherhood (and I mean bringing another human being into adulthood almost entirely on my own), nursing school, nursing a terminally ill parent and a subsequent depression, presenting their obstacles.

I have more to say on today’s chart, but my bed and tomorrow’s day job beckon. Hopefully, I can provide an addendum to this post tomorrow night, while it is still relevant.

In the meantime, I created a Spotify playlist for the Venus in Pisces/Jupiter in Sag time period. There are only a couple of songs in it so far, but I am hoping to add more. The playlist is collaborative, so feel free to add to them, as long the tone relates to pleasure, love, joy and expansion. 

Also, it keeping with Venus in Pisces/12th part Scorpio, may I recommend Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus, a collection of erotic tales?–2wC&dq=delta+of+venus

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