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March 28, 2019

Major League Baseball Opening Day

by Jae Kay Raz

Happy Opening Day to Major League Baseball, and my personal favorite team, the New York Yankees. My Dad was and is a major jock, so one of the most instinctively soothing sounds to me is the sound of a baseball game being announced. I have been listening to Yankee games and Led Zeppelin since I was a zygote; they are encoded in my DNA. One of the few times I saw my Dad cry was the day Thurman Munson died-that is how important Yankee baseball is in my family.

One of the great things about American baseball from an astrological perspective is that each Major League Baseball team plays 162 games during the regular season and more, if a team makes it to post season play. That is 162 plus opportunities to study event charts. I will always maintain that so many astrologers blew their 2016 US presidential elections primarily because of bias. Every astrologer I know who was liberal picked Clinton. Every astrologer I know who was not liberal, or would never pick Clinton for other reasons, picked Trump. There was no objective astrological process to be found. None. To be fair to all my astrological colleagues, there is no such thing as perfect objectivity. I don’t care if you were examining the influence of NASA’s space garbage in relation to Optimus Prime in the Alpha Centuri Solar System. This is one of the reasons why doctors are not ethically permitted to treat their own family members, particularly with respect to interventional medical procedures. As an astrologers, there are times when we have to seek outside counsel when examining our own charts or the charts of our loved ones, as well. The take away here is we do have to honest enough to admit our bias.

Another big take away is that we have to find a way to hone our craft. I can’t be a proficient mundane or predictive astrologer unless I practice on a lot of charts. A lot, a lot™. Medical residents and fellows spend years practicing under another practitioner before practicing medicine on their own. Sports is an excellent way for an astrologer to hone mundane techniques. Political elections do not happen quite as often as ball games. Frequent repetition, in my mind, will help abate the influence of personal bias in astrological practice. I am not going to try to convince anyone to become a sports fan, but I will suggest that studying astrology from that perspective will be enormously beneficial. So, poke around and find something you like. I have found myself thoroughly engrossed in bowling tournments and poker games.

Which brings me to my last take away before examining today’s opening day charts. An astrologer has to seriously temper his or her expectations. Astrologers puff and crow like petulant roosters at the notion that modern science and astrology, which no matter how you practice it is based on ancient techniques and philosophy, are not compatible, nor should they be. Astrology is a conceptual language, and therefore, cannot be established by modern, scientific method means. But why? I may sound like a petulant toddler, but I do have Moon in Aries. So why? Why can’t astrology conform to modern scientific process, at least, not completely?

Let’s ponder chemistry. If I take a sodium molecule and a chloride molecule, I will make table salt every time. There is no statistical variance. The results of bringing sodium and chloride together is reproducible everytime. Well, that is brilliant if you are a molecule, or some other element of material nature which likewise interacts with other elements in a predictable way. This is also a rather impressive demonstration of the genius of God, when you consider that the elements in stars interact on the very same principles in which the salt on your French fries interact. As above, so below. There are, however, many occurrences in our realms of physical, spiritual and emotional existences which we do not understand, or to which cannot be neatly explained by a 5-step scientific method.

Perhaps I can provide further insight into why astrology and modern science are not a perfect fit, or why astrology does not illustrate scientific principles in a way we can fully understand at this moment. By the same logic, I can illustrate why modern, material science, while ENORMOUSLY BENEFICIAL, CANNOT answer all of our questions:

The Yankees play their first game today against the Baltimore Orioles. The game is set in the Bronx, New York, so we will cast a chart from that location at the time of scheduled play, with the Yankees holding the imperative, because they are the home team. There are 10 players on the field during the game during every play: the pitcher, catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, shortstop, 3rd baseman, right fielder, center fielder, and left fielder, as well as the batter from the opposing team. There are several runners on field during some plays. The opposing team also possesses a nine-man defensive starting team. There are various coaches, umpires and commentators surrounding the game in play. There are pinch hitters, designated hitters and bull-pin pitchers. There are team administrators and fans. There are even field grounds keepers and the folks who manufacture the equipment used by each team. My point being that there are many astrological charts contributing to the average baseball game. We would use the start of the game as the chart at hand, but we have to concede that there is a butterfly effect or X-factor (ala Al Morrison) applying its own imperative to every baseball game and every endeavor we conceive.

Enough philosophy: there are several opening day games in the major leagues, but only two starting at the same time: the Baltimore Orioles at the New York Yankees for the American League at 1305 in Bronx, New York and the New York Mets at the Washington Nationals for the National League at 1305 in Washington, D.C. I am going to focus on the first chart right now. The charts are similar, but the differences may tell the tale between the American League, broadly represented by the first chart and the National League, represented by the second.


I am very much a novice when it comes to event astrology, so I will approach these charts from a study perspective. I was a bit downcast thinking that my home-team Yankees would be represented by the first house, but I am seeing that the first house is me, the Yankees are the 10th and the Orioles are the 4th. With this in mind, the Yankees are represented by Mars in Taurus as domicile ruler and Sun in Aries as exaltation ruler. Mars isn’t really at home in Taurus, but fairs well in the 11th house. He does not see the affairs of the Aries 10th house.  He is out of sect in a day chart. Mars is the associate triplicity ruler of Taurus. Mars in the 29th degree of Taurus is in the 12th part of Aries, which places him with the Sun in the 10th. He is mutually received by the Moon in Capricorn. All in all, I don’t hate Mars in Taurus here. I don’t see smooth sailing for the Yankees here, or for the American League, but the same rules could apply for the Nationals or the National League. There are no sho-ins here, but probably not any major upsets.

The Orioles are represented by the 4th house, as is any opposer to a favorite in either league. Venus rules the 4th and is in Pisces in the 9th. It is exalted, does not see the Libran 4th house, but this aversion is alleviated by antiscia. Venus is also out of sect in a day chart. Venus answers to a strong ruler, Jupiter in Sag. Both Venus and Jupiter are in cadent houses, so while strong by dignity, achieve only a little with respect to house placement. The exalted ruler of 4th house is Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn blights Moon in Cappy in her detriment, which mutually receives Mars (indicator of home teams). A diligent, disciplined opponent can wage a real challenge to any team who feels comfortable on its perch.

While I am typing this, the Yanks are spanking the Orioles 6-2. There is no doubt that Mars and the Sun are more actively competitive than Venus and Saturn. What may really tell the tale here is that both the 10th and the 4th have strong, in sect exaltation rulers: Sun in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn. Overall, again, I don’t see an obvious favorites here, other than to say that the Sun is culminating. Interestingly, the Yankees rank third in power rankings for MLB; the Orioles rank 30th, which is at the bottom of the barrel. The Nationals, on the other hand, rank 9th, while the Mets rank 14th. A true astrological study could/should probably be conducted by watching Mets baseball this year, being that they are right in the middle of the rankings. The Yanks are almost always 1st or 2nd in their division and high rankings in their league, so there would be a greater statistical variance.

It will be interesting to discover what, if anything, can be found astrologically when examining charts in this way. I will leave you with my favorite quote from Kevin Costner’s movie Bull Durham, a 1980s movie about minor league baseball, with a philosophical bent. Field of Dreams, another Costner baseball movie released in 1989, when Saturn, Uranus and Neptune where all impacting Costner’s Sun in Cappy, is by far a more superior, mystical, contemplative movie, and I would encourage anyone to watch it. But, I think Crash Davis’s snappy little monologue here really sums up life rather nicely:

Post Script:

Yeah, so if a guy dropped that lecture on me, I would internally chuckle a bit suspecting that he had practiced that in the mirror 10,000 times. Of course, this is an example of what one would say if the dialogues in our real lives matched the ones in our heads, or put on paper. I love a guy with a fully developed ethos, so props to the script writer here.

So the home team Yankees beat the Orioles decisively, 7-2. The opposing team Mets beat the Nationals, 2-0. We see that mixed bag of results indicative of the charts. The game of the day belongs to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who scored a record-breaking 8 home runs for their opening day effort. Not a huge difference here between this chart and the other two, although the 12 part of the Moon is in Cancer in the 1st and the 12th part of the AC is in Aries in the 10th. The Dodgers possess more angular momentum than either the Yankees or the Nationals. Hopefully, this will turn out to be a fruitful exercise and an exciting baseball season.


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