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June 11, 2019

01:23:40 Meltdown: The Astrology of Chernobyl: Part One

by Jae Kay Raz


We have all heard of the Chernobyl nuclear power accident, and if you have not, I commend your commitment to remaining completely untainted by modern news media and social media. Or, I scowl at your persistent clinging to ignorance and disconnection to the world around you. At any rate, while fighting the depression and despair surrounding the end of the Game of Thrones series-run, many of us found ourselves in the loving arms of HBO’s Chernobyl. In truth, this rebound was an infinity superior viewing experience anyway, proving again, that truth and reality are stranger and more compelling than any book series bastardized by Hollywood.

In the first part of my analysis, I am going to examine the event chart.  Astrologically, it would be easy to look at the reactor meltdown chart as the “a-ha” chart of the day. In truth, this chart offers a startling testimony to the event of the moment. In fact, this is basically an astrologer’s fantasy chart.

1986 Chernobyl Disaster


We find Uranus closely conjunct the Ascendant here and nothing says “shocking, catastrophic accident” like Uranus on the Ascendant. I consider myself a traditional astrologer in training, with heavy modern sympathies. A purist traditional astrologer would tell you that he or she can effectively ignore the outer planets to delineate a chart. Being more of a hybrid astrologer, I would have to counter, “but, why though?”. I can also effectively live my life without electricity, but I can assure you, I will be availing myself of this amazing technological achievement. This is fitting astrological analogy superimposed on a study about nuclear power. You’re welcome.

We also find the nodes closely linked to the MC/IC axis. The Chernobyl story has all the hallmarks of a fated event. I will explain a bit on down the road just how fateful this story really is. Again, traditional astrologers get testy when words like fate, karma, reincarnation, and evolution get bandied about in relation to astrology and with good reason. The intellectual and spiritual nebulousness surrounding the usage of these words and the commoditization and trivialization of spiritual concepts has forced anyone who applies honest, academic energy to the study and practice of astrology to divorce themselves from perceived embarrassing concepts. I assert that these spiritual ideas have existed through-out time and have been intertwined in nearly every cultural and spiritual identity. Even the absence of these concepts in Judeo-Christian text and understanding seems intriguingly conspicuous. Vedic astrologers, whose practice of astrology is directly linked to the Hindu faith, have no quarrel with these precepts, and they maintain an unbroken tradition of astrologic study reaching back two millennia, one closely related to western astrology.

With this in mind, I describe Chernobyl as a fated, karmic incident as evidenced by the location of the Nodes on the MC/IC axis. These nodes are activated by a Full Lunar eclipse, which occurred on April 24, 1986. You can suspect the involvement of Nodal/Eclipse activity in a chart anytime you see the Sun closely linked with one of the Nodes. Nothing says fate and catastrophe quite the same way an eclipse does. With regards to events that are fated, or have broader social contexts, we also look to the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn. Both of these planets are in the stakes of the chart, the stakes being the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. Stakes represent four key areas of our life: ourselves, our background, our partners and/or competitors, and our profession and social reputation. Planets in the stakes are able to fully realize their potential. They keep their promises.

Any planet in a house tends to overrule the influence of the house Lord. Jupiter is Lord of the Ascendant, but Saturn is contained within the 1st house. Saturn in Sagittarius represents the self, which was fully linked to the State and the ideology of statism in the Soviet Union. The notion of statism takes on a certain religious zeal, particularly when it is the defining philosophy of a society and particularly when no competing philosophy is permitted. Jupiter confirms Sagittarian notions of State worship while residing in Pisces. In this sense, the love of State, and the absolute consolidation of power to the State, is no different than the love of church or king. The Chernobyl reactor was an extension of the State. It was undoubtedly a source of state pride that the whole of Soviet Russia and its unitary republics could enjoy electrical power due to these reactors and do to the supremacy of Communism.


By 1986, statism was deeply entrenched in the Soviet Union. Whole generations of people where at various helms who had never been meaningfully exposed to another way or life or another thought process. Statism was also becoming staid and calcified. One could not question the will of the Saturnine State and one existed to serve the State. The benevolence of Jupiter in Pisces is buried in the 4th house. Jupiter dictated the affairs of Sagittarius, but Sagittarius dictates the actions of Pisces, because it is in a superior position to Pisces. Saturn is in a superior square to Jupiter and he won the coin toss, because he is in the first house. Squares are not necessarily a bad thing. While planets involved in a square to each other represent friction, they behold one another, so there is a possibility of resolution. Additionally, Sagittarius and Pisces share a ruler in Jupiter. Regardless, Saturn has the ball here and he fumbles it repeatedly during the course of the two hours preceding the meltdown and the first several hours after.

When we move past the most stunningly obvious aspects of this chart, we can examine other aspects. All planets offer testimony to the condition of the chart and the events or things they represent. I am not going to examine every planet in full, but I will examine the activity of the other key player: the Moon. If an astrological chart is analogous to a photograph and Jupiter and Saturn are the central objects of that picture, the Moon is a staggering photo-bomber. Chernobyl’s chart is a night chart, therefore, the Moon is the sect light. The lights in a chart take precedence over the activities of all other contributors, regardless of where these bodies are placed.

Moon in Scorpio is Full and she has just risen over the eastern horizon. She is “in hayz”, because she is happy in the hemisphere above the horizon, she is placed in a feminine sign, and she is neither a morning star or an evening star. She rises just after the Sun sets. She has recently been blighted by the Earth two days prior during a Total Lunar Eclipse. She is in her fall in Scorpio, but she enjoys dignity in her own triplicity. She is bolstered by Mars in Capricorn, who is exalted. As with Jupiter and Saturn, Moon gives orders to Mars, who is technically stronger. Mars works hard for the Moon, even if his assigned task is to aid in destruction.

Moon in Scorpio will never forgive a slight and is highly reactive to even perceived slights. In horary terms, a fixed sign Moon in a cadent house will hold onto her anger forever. The Moon on this night is powerful and angry. She embodies “hell hath no fury.” The Moon is more fertile in Scorpio than anywhere else, but boundless fertility can be highly destructive. Imagine a family with 10+ kids. There is simply not enough time or resources to care for all those people. Imagine a still body of water with an overgrowth of algae. Eventually, the oxygen is depleted, and the water becomes stagnant. Only the hardiest survive those conditions.

Moon in Scorpio in the 12th speaks of things that are convalescing. Chernobyl and Pripyat are in a state of convalescence which is projected to last 1,000 years. The Moon also rules the 8th house of death. Chernobyl was the biggest nuclear disaster we have suffered as a species. The death toll from this nuclear meltdown was significant. Sadly, Europeans and Russians in mass aborted babies due to fear of birth defects as a result of radiation exposure, even if the risk was deemed minimal. I am not making a statement about the issue of abortion here, but it is heartbreaking to think that women felt forced to make such a decision based on incomprehensible fear. No other issue could be more symbolic of this incident than fertility halted.

Of note, Moon in Scorpio also received strong aid from Jupiter in Pisces. Scorpio is superior to Pisces. Scorpio sees Pisces and Pisces perceives Scorpio. These two have a strong working relationship that goes beyond the fact that they are both water signs. So, Jupiter takes orders from the Moon and he perceives her. Jupiter occupies the 4th, and the Earth is absolutely scorched by the fury of Scorpio and the expansive activity of her pal, Jupiter. And while Jupiter may bow to the Moon here, Chernobyl does not bow to man. In keeping with the fertility of Scorpio and the expansive benevolence of Jupiter, Chernobyl is teeming with flora and fauna.


Now, lest you think I am kicking Moon in Scorpio in the ass, we have to consider what she is trying to do here. Why is the Moon on an unstoppable war path? For starters, the Chernobyl power reactor was marred by issues of incompetence from the moment it was launched. Chernobyl was brought online with major, well known design and safety flaws. Furthermore, Chernobyl’s lead engineer made stunningly poor decisions before, during, and after the meltdown of the reactor. These concepts can be described by Venus in Taurus ruling the MC and Mercury contained within the 5th house with the IC. Mercury in Aries tells us that the reactor was activated hastily and the design itself contained flaws. Venus in Taurus, floundering with the Sun in the 6th, simply failed to react appropriately to known safety issues. Moon is Scorpio does not appreciate the lack of attention to detail or the lethargic attitude in solving known issues. To add insult to injury, peregrine Sun in Taurus indicates the insistence that a dangerous test be conducted despite common sense.

I have said this before in conversations with other astrologers and I will codify it here. Moon in Scorpio, particularly with the overwhelming power she contained in this chart, strives to shine a spot-light on problems at all costs. All four major governmental whistle-blowers during the 21st century are Moon in Scorpio natives: Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Reality Winner. They shined their lights with varying levels of acceptability and provoke varying degrees of public sympathy, support or derision. In all instances, they provide this information at the expense of themselves. Sadly, the result of their actions is not always the desired outcome. That is the nature of a fallen planets. It is a bit like Cassandra from Greek mythology. She is doomed to tell the truth that no one wants to here. A key word for a fallen planet is obscurity.

More positively, I have found that many rock-and-roll vocalists have Moon in Scorpio. Think Bono, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Christine McVie, Eric Burdon, George Harrison, Bret Michaels, Vince Neil and possibly Eric Clapton and Gregg Allman. Those are the ones I can name off the top of my head. I routinely take at least a passing glance at the charts of anyone or anything that stimulates my interest. I have ceased to be surprised at how many Moon in Scorpio natives have achieved fame through singing. The Moon finds an excellent outlet for the intense emotional energy she experiences in Scorpio. Interestingly, the Moon finds her joy in the 3rd house, a place where communication is optimal. We don’t automatically associate Scorpio with a need to speak or be heard, but she obviously functions better when she has that voice. Music is less likely to offend our personal sensibilities than traitorous behavior.

I am going to end part one of this analysis here. Again, one would think the event chart tells the tale, and this chart does spin a good yarn, but I have found several other charts that are worthy of study. I also wanted to jump on my soap box about astrologers conducting what I call a thorough “history and physical.”

 (PS….I published this post with the Asc at 23 Scorpio, which links right up with Chernobyl’s Moon and the Asc and Jupiter of this site. This was completely unintentional, as I rarely time things in this manner. I believe in a more organic approach to life, so this was published when it was meant to be published versus when I thought it should be published. This does illustrate a certain synchronicity in life though. I have been bouncing around the idea to write this since January, way before I knew about the tv series.)

PPS. (1345, June 12, 2019) I chose “House of the Rising Sun” as sang by The Animal’s Eric Burdon in order to highlight the raw passion and talent of Moon in Scorpio music. He is probably the most talented on that list, although Christine McVie’s Songbird is breathtaking and gentle….truly the song I would pick to express my love for a man. The serendipitous thing about picking Eric Burdon is that he also has Sag Rising, Sun and Venus in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio. In fact, Eric has Saturn, The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus in the 6th (not only are all these planets co-present, but they range from 18-27 degrees, so they are conjunct by anyone definition off orb. Furthermore, his Venus, Mercury and Uranus are within 18 minutes of each other.) He also has Moon in Scorpio in the 12th and Mars in Aquarius in the 3rd. So basically , he is fully fixed, but experienced through a mutable lens. In keeping with his chart, he has experienced extremes highs and lows in his life and survived all of it. And his voice is truly nuclear powered. This fully illustrates why I am not a planner in anything but the most general terms. I could have never thought, “I want to find an artist with some of Chernobyl’s astrological signatures, who is likewise an forceful presence,” and found this dude’s chart. I would have been exhausted and frustrated by the attempt. I am a firm believer in life’s little “accidents.” Probably, why I am an astrologer:)

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