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It’s Been a Long Time…

…Since a rock and roll, or anything really, 363 days to be exact.  There were probably a handful of hearty and inspiring souls who lost a significant amount of weight, mastered a foreign language, and/or split atoms in their basement in keeping with a powerful desire to enrich themselves during COVID lockdowns. I am not one of those people, unfortunately. For one thing, as a nurse, I never stopped working. 2020 was the best earnings year I have had by a mile. I work into on a specialty unit, so I also did not care for many COVID patients. I would not say that I sank into the depths of depression as a result of the pandemic, lockdowns, racial tensions,or political madness. If anything, 2020 was kind of disorienting for me personally and weighty, like a weighted blanket. The events of last year served to punctuate or heighten emotional experiences I was already having.

I am not going to dive into too many personal details here, not because I don’t want to share them. The great thing about maintaining a personal blog that five people read is that I can do whatever the heck I want with it. Astrology is most interesting when viewed from a macrocosmic level; when you can use it as a tool to examine the inter-workings and connectivity of everything, the way you would watch with fascintation as all the tiny parts move in an intricately constructed mechanical city, a bit like the opening sequence to Game of Thrones, but even more elaborate.

With that said, astrology has always been personal to me and I have used this tool to examine the people around me since I first started studying it. The mechanical city does not animate itself. Humans animate it. Even the natural world, with its own ebb and flow, with its own movements and machinations, suddenly becomes shockingly alive and compelling when humans enter the picture and alter it from its natural state. I do not really balk at sharing my own personal tale of how I impact my environment, I am just not sure yet how I want to do that, or if I need to do it. There are nearly 10 billion COVID/2020 stories bursting at the seams of the planets, some with more detail and distinction than others.

I also did not feel the need to add more astrological commentary to the treasure trove that is out there. We all know last year sucked and we all know why. Most reasonable astrologers knew last year would be tough. Most had no concept of how much it would suck. Even the doom and gloomers didn’t really know, as far as I am concerned, because they predict doom and gloom all the time. Eventually, if an astrologer makes those predictions enough, something will stick. And then there are some hopeless Jupiterians out there, such as myself, who thought it might not be so bad. I am not a positivity at all costs kind of person. There are some folks in the astrological community who refuse to acknowledge the pain, suffering and misfortune that can be explained by astrological indicators. If you made it through 2020 with that viewpoint intact, you are lying to yourself, which is much less troubling than the fact that you lie to people for a living. In fact, denying the darker side of human nature and experience is as spiritually damaging as dwelling on it.

(Gemini cat for Gemini season. Happy birthday, Gemini!)

So, instead of contemplating the past year and a half, I am going to address where I am today and where I am astrologically. I have not actually visited this site in a while. I usually just engage with the stats page on my phone app. I definitely have some work to do to spruce up this site. I thought I would be clever when I first started this and give it a bit of a sci-fi theme, but discovered soon after that I hated that idea. At some point, I have to dive back into the page layouts to correct that. Almost every post I have written here has been a first-draft, so nearly all of them could stand a substantial rework. I probably will not do that with the various ingress charts, but I do think Steve Irwin and Chernobyl deserve some thoughful reconsideration.

What I realized for myself, astrologically and even personally, as a woman and astrologer, who is also slightly right-of-center and a Christian, who strives for rationality and believes in objective reality, is that there is simply no place for me in the heart of the astrological community. I know it sounds arrogant to suggest that I believe in rationality and objectivity, because it implies that others do not. However, rationality and objectivity are not the core values of  21st century liberal arts academic and spiritualists. I basically knew back in 2001, when I joined various MSN astrology groups and had just converted to Christianity in May 2000, that the group of people I would appeal to intellectually or spiriually was extremely narrow. I am a bit of an acquired taste anyway, by virtue of my personality, so even I get a bit frustrated with myself when I come to a conclusion that makes human interaction even more difficult. “Really Jenn, do you have to be this fucking weird?”

I really enjoyed listening to the Astrology Podcast segment featuring Melanie Reinhart, which was published last September. Ms. Reinhart spearheaded astrological work on Chiron, and I could relate to what she said. One of the key manifestations of Chiron is that it symbolizes the way in which we are wounded or wound others, so the place in your chart where Chiron is speaks to that. Chiron is placed in my 11th house with a tight conjuntion to Venus in Aries. I have always struggled socially and existed at the periphery of society. I would not cast myself as an outlaw or a pariah, because I do not tend to be a law breaker, other than on a minor level, and have consistently contributed to society. I have never excelled socially in anyway, other than when I am teaching others. This has been a personal struggle for me, because I have always wanted to be more popular. I guess in some ways, the desires you have when you are 10 and when you are 46 are not dissimilar. I find myself still asking myself why the cool girls don’t like me. One of the problems with Venus in her detriment, is that she tends to focus on what unobtainable things at the expense of the things around her which could nourish her.

Another Astrology Podcast I am reminded of when I consider this issue is the Alan White interview, which was posted in April of 2020 (guess I accomplished more in 2020 than I thought.:) Alan stated with regards to sect that the your in-sect planets bring forth the issues you should concentrate on in this life: your out-of-sect planets tend to be a distraction. I was born with a day chart and my diurnal planets are not in terrible condition, particularly the Sun and Jupiter. Mercury fares extremely well in my chart.  My nocturnal planets are in rather poor condition, Venus being one of them. In keeping with this, I function best in a professional setting and academically, but I tend to focus on what I don’t have or can’t have, at the expense of what works well. We probably all do this to an extent, but for me, the line of demarcation is distinct. I don’t know that one has to sacrifice one for the other, but probably one will find ways to fulfill the out-of-sect needs by focusing on in-sect topics.

Any fantasies I have had about going to astrology conferences and making tons of friends is something I have put on the back burner or something I have come to see as unrealistic. We don’t live on a planet that tolerates friendly discussion or debate. We don’t live in a world where people tolerate each other’s differences. I suppose like any condition, this is a cycle, which will eventually come around again. The average 2001 group was more likely exist in harmony despite differences than the average 2021 crowd. There isn’t much I can do as a comparitively moderate person to ameliorate this condition, at least not directly. All the anger and chaos really stresses me out anyway, so I don’t really have the stomach for participating in it. I have always suffered from a mild form of social anxiety anyway, and that is when conditions are optimal. But I also love astrology. Just looking back at the podcasts I have listened to in the past rekindles that for me. I also enjoy people and am endlessly fascinated by the human condition and how we impact the physical world. I am beginning to see that our only hope is a spiritual solution, and I am not sure we are any closer to that as a species than we ever have been.

I guess that is where the lesson and the next path begins. It is easy to feel sorry for one’s self. I have certainly spent some serious time lamenting my own personal problems and pain. My own sanity and sobriety have suffered because of it. But if the only answer is spiritual, and true spiritual awareness or growth can only occur by being completely honest to start, then it is time to do that. Interestingly, Neptune is transitting my Sun within minutes, and Mercury is also sitting directly on my ascendant.

Of course, Pisces, Gemini and Neptune are not associated with honesty, but I tend to think there is a modern bent to that theory. It has been my personal experience that all people deceive others or themselves for different reasons. Various astrological conditions speak to how and why. Gemini may deceive by being playful or looking at simple human interaction as a game. My brother and I both have a Gemini Ascendant. His is in the first decan and mine is in the last. I have noticed that when we go too deep into a topic, he generally retreats by making a joke. There is not a lie in that, but definitely an lack of willingness to delve past a certain point. I would not describe my brother as a dishonest person, but using humor or word play is definitely one way that the average Gemini can be dishonest. The really dark Geminis, the criminal types that people write books about, view everything as a game that has to be won, and no tactics are off-limits.

A Pisces may be deceptive simply because the lines of reality are a bit nebulous to begin with for them. Gemini and Pisces both see all sides of an issue, but Pisces struggles more with where the boundaries are. Pisces also tends to exists at least part of the time in a well constucted fantasy world, kind of an extension of Jupiterian optimism. That world feels good until Pisces can’t ignore the intrusion of reality any longer and may use substances to keep themselves in the state of oblivious euphoria experienced in the past. Sadly, Pisces will steadily hurtle towards an oblivion completely devoid of any wisdom or pleasure. Possibly another aspect of the great lie is that Pisces will blame the cold hand of reality and continue to sink further into despair, not being willing to admit that spiritual achievement exists in the reconciliation of worlds. I know I sound a lot more like a modern astrologer there. I will say that modern and classical astrology are two more worlds requiring reconciliation. Too many modern astrologers have worked too hard to be categorically wrong.

I find myself at this time really peeling away at anything that is not sustainable, including aspirations and acquiatances. It is not to say that I will not expand my relationship base or activities in the future, but I find that I need to start from scratch in a way. In terms of health, that means getting sober and practicing basic physical fitness. Socially, that means focusing on the handful of relationships I do have which are most meaningful. As a process of reaching middle age, sorting out who I thought I was and what I thought the world would be versus what it really is, and proceed forward. I knew 20 years ago where I fit in certain areas of life, including the astrological community, and have spent 20 years pointlessly fighting against it. Pisces is good at denying what is in the hopes of what it could be. There is nothing wrong with dreams, goals, or hope, but there is a limit to how far they will carry you without evidence or action.

I could write more about this, but my plans for the rest of the day include going to the gym, going to a meeting and watching a Yankee game with my Dad, hitting all the essential goals I have set for myself. When I started this, Moon in Aries was sitting right on my natal Moon. So we have full big three activation here. For the 5 people reading this, I promise to be a bit less self centered in future posts:)



The Unmasking After the Masquerade: Full Eclipse Moon in Sagittarius

Happy, happy Full Moon in Sagittarius and penumbral eclipse. We all may be struggling to find joy in our lives right now. The past few months have felt a lot like the Spanish flu, the roaring 20s, the Great Depression and the beating of racial war drums all converging upon a painfully short time period, a series of events that would otherwise manifest over the course of decades.

I personally always hold out hope that if we tend to our health and the happiness and well-being of our family and friends, we are pretty much guaranteed a certain level of joy and peace regardless of outside circumstances. We like to imagine that money, career, prestige, etc equates to happiness, but we rarely find that to ever be the case. We are clearly being called as a larger collective to acknowledge certain truths and consider the health and happiness of our neighbors on a larger scale as well.

For those of us in the United States, the Full Moon occurs right across the Sibly Asc/DC axis. This axis has been activated time and time again during important events in America. Furthermore, Venus regressed through the Sagittarius 12th part just as widespread protesting and rioting were heating up last week across the country. It occurs to me that an activated Gemini 7th house, in addition to signifying foreign relations, could also signify members of the community who are disenfranchised for any reason, or who feel like foreigners in their own country, such as minorities or members of the LBGTQ+ community.

I bring up the latter group, because a fellow astrologer, the author of the Seven Stars Astrology blog, brought up in one of his posts the correlation between gay rights and the transit of Venus which occurred in 2012. Again, this transit tightly engaged the the Sibly ASC/DC axis. In this respect, the Venus transit dealt with literal issues of marriage, and the issue of marriage as it relates to those excluded from it.

We are not being called to address marital issues now, but we are emphatically being called to consider the very real oppression we would like to ignore or never knew existed. We are being called to bring every member of our family into the fold, and cease treating them like foreigners, inferiors or enemies. (Probably on a micro level, we could generally consider the me versus you dynamic which exists for spouses, given that there is inherent opposition in the union, both practically and astrologically.)

With that said, there is very little that can be said for the Full Moon chart, other than that everyone is weak and no one accomplishes anything, except Mars. He continues to stroke the flames of conflict, by tightly squaring the luminaries.

I can’t do much else with this chart now, due to work and school, but I would encourage you to examine the Full Moon chart against the backdrop of the Sibly chart and the Venus transit chart. There is so much there. The good news is that our marriage laws were ultimately changed to reflect Venusian principles of love and fairness. It is my hope that we make progress with the racial issues that have plagued us since day one.

It is interesting to me that the rulers of the ASC/MC axis of the Sibly chart both occupy the eighth house in Cancer. We managed to achieve an enormous amount of wealth, often at the expense of others, and in stark contrast to the principles our nation was founded on. That is some serious karma.

I would suggest as a personal exercise that we all
examine where we are now on a personal level versus where we were in 2012. The nodes have flipped from Sagittarius to Gemini, so this axis is highly active for more than one reason, but reversed.

Last thing I have to mention in all three of these charts is the distinct lack of fixed sign energy. Other than that, stay safe, stay healthy and stay aware. Hug your kids, cats, dogs, spouses and love your neighbors as yourself, all of them. Not just the ones who look like you, love like you or think like you.

PS….We saw a transit of Venus in December of 1882 in Sagittarius. Just 7 months prior, when Venus was in Gemini, the first piece of legislation restricting immigration in the US was signed, the Chinese Exclusion Act. We always have the opportunity to get it wrong. Let’s not do that.


The Lady Is a Tramp: Full Moon in Scorpio

I toiled over this title for this post a bit, bouncing around different ideas to illustrate the themes of fertility and putrification, creation and destruction, growth and stagnation; all key contrasts in the Taurus/Scorpio opposition narrative. I settled upon this tongue in cheek example of Taurus/Scorpio prinicples at their worst; a lady with a debauched sense of value, which could be a fitting description of Moon in her fall in Scorpio. Of course, full moon in Scorpio presides over the most joyful, hopeful and fruitful time of the year in the Northern hemisphere, at the height of spring. I would conclude that a key problem with any feminine descriptors related to lusty, wanton women who challenge the power of men is that they were historically written by men:)

I do not wish to devote too much energy to broader astrological themes. The Moon reached her fullness several hours ago. The Washington DC full moon chart is actually quite fascinating, because it places the Sun and Moon in the 1st and 7th houses, the full moon having occured just after sunrise.


The Sun and the Moon are halfway through their courses through Taurus and Scorpio, so they fling their 12th parts to the opposite sign. The outer wheel of this chart is a 12th part wheel, so you see the Sun and the Moon in the opposite signs and houses. The 12th part Sun and Moon also align with the native Asc and DC line, so themes of identity and partnership and repeatedly highlighted. The Lot of Spirit and Fortune conjunct the DC, which is true of all full moon charts. The 12th parts of the ASC and DC occupy the 12th house, so themes of health, convalescence and imprisonment are also highlighted, but diminish in importance, or are perhaps issues that we ignore at our peril.

If I were to tap into my Anglo-Celtic roots, I would be more inclined to celebrate Beltane at this time of the month, rather than the more arbitrary day of May 1st. I would say the same for Imbolc, Lammas and Samhain. It would be a worthwhile endeavor to experiment with timing during these critical moments of the year, as it relates to sacred rituals. I would imagine any ritual would have been particularly fruitful at sunrise today. I probably should have mentioned that before today.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis has been the unnamed key player of the COVID-19 time period. If we recall, a possible patient zero emerged when Mercury transitted the Sun in November, 2019. The US’s Aries ingress occurred with the ASC/MC axis in Scorpio/Taurus. President Trump even signed the first economic stimulus legislation when the ASC/MC was on the Scorpio/Taurus axis. Not to discount the more obvious and dominant Capricorn/Cancer polarity, but Scorpio and Taurus seem to speak more to method, message and timing. Incidentally, Scorpio/Taurus was the predominate pacemaker during the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, which stained the water and the land and contributed to the downfall of the Soviet empire.

Saturn occupies the 10th house as does his 12th part. He is in hayz, culminating, and in his own domicile, so he is quite powerful. He is in phasis, because he will begin his retrograde course in a few days. A malefic who is changing course to a retrograde position becomes less malefic. Overall, Saturn is less malefic in Aquarius than in Capricorn. It will be interesting to note when Saturn falls back into Capricorn and consider the change in tone from warm, fixed, masculine air to cold, cardinal, feminine earth. Capricorn will likely not appreciate the changes to her plans brought about by Aquarius. Saturn will act as the arbiter of our actions as a society and of our rulers and government.

Jupiter will enter his in phasis stage a few hours after the full moon perfects. Jupiter has accomplished little in Capricorn. He falls here and he prefers to occupy masculine signs. He was beseiged by malefics before, so he is in better shape now that they are in Aquarius. In phasis, he becomes even less of a benefic than ever when turning to a retrograde course. It is not a surprise that Jupiter rules the 11th house here. We will not being enjoying much aid from friends here and will not be able to provide much aid. Social networks will tend to be strained and breakdown. Spending time on Facebook, I see a lot of talk that a person is stupid if they believe the government or conversely, they are stupid if they fall for counter culture arguments. Everyone is stressed and we see that people are really taking it out on each. There is little sympathy or compassion. Moon in Scorpio in the 7th really amplifies the abuse and even gaslighting. Jupiter also rules the 8th house of death. As Jupiter does not have the power to expand, this might be a blessing in disquise. The 12th part of Mars is also in the 8th, which actually implies death related to anger and violence.

Lastly, Venus is in phasis and will turn to backtrack on her course next week. Venus is less benefic than normal now, but never transforms into the quasi-malefic that Jupiter can when he is damaged. Venus also mutually receives Mercury by sign, which is a healthy, happy exchange. Venus lends more support to the Sun in this sense, although she is incapable of dealing with him directly. The 12th part of Venus is in the 10th with Saturn and Mars. Venus is granted some of her wishes here, because she plays nicely with these two bad boys, but she truly balances on a tight rope of diplomacy, being besieged by malefics. Despite some of the bad press about loosening social distancing, I think that we will find that people are mostly coming out of hiding in a responsible fashion. With Mars not well situated in Aquarius, we may continue to see arbitrary rules written and enforced.

I examined this from the perspective of my home state of Florida, placing Tallahassee as the chart location. There are some fundamental differences. FullScorpio20FL

Scorpio and Taurus retain their overall influence on the matter, but the 12th part AC/DC remains in the 1st and the 7th, but transposed. I am always fascinated when native placements and 12th parts repeatedly exchange with one another, like a ping pong match. Saturn has already culminated in the DC chart and is moving away from the MC, whereas Florida’s Saturn is sitting directly on it. Sunrise has not yet occurred, so he is not in hayz, the Moon is. Florida and many of her southern sisters have not payed the high price some of our northern neighbors have as it relates to COVID-19. Florida is also making more direct efforts to re-open. Florida is either right or wrong in this matter, and the results of that will shortly be revealed. Both Florida and the US as a whole see Venus ruling the 1st and 6th houses. Again, her condition is mixed, but she never behaves as a malefic. She works hard to appease and appeal to Saturn and Mars.

While poking around looking for some less obvious art relating the May-Day celebrations, I found the the feature pic of Guinevere as portrayed by John Collier, a 19th century British artist. We know Guinevere as the Queen of Camelot, who’s affair with Lancelot brought about the destruction of the Arthurian world. In this portrait, she is the May Queen. There is a warning here that every rose has a thorn and that beauty, joy and love can lead to decay, betrayal and destruction. Ancient Europeans understood that evil can be found during times of beauty and celebration and left bundles of flowers on their doorsteps to ward off evil as part of the Beltane ritual. The tale of Guinevere and the fullness of the Beltane story correspond nicely to the Scorpio Full Moon and Venus retrograde.

During the same time period that Collier created various masterpieces, Alfred, Lord Tennyson composed The Idylls of the King, which tells the story of Arthur, Guinevere and Camelot. Lord Tennyson had Moon and Venus in Gemini, and his ASC at 21 degrees, which is where Venus is currently stationed. Tennyson was the preeminent poet of his age. I am always amazed at how I rediscover these little snippets at just the right time, particularly when it fits in so nicely with current astrological events. Happily, this poem also deals with a lady, who was quite frankly, a tramp.




All of This Has Happened Before….

…and it will happen again. As a Sci-fi junkie, I will never miss an opportunity to reference the Reimagined Battlestar Galactica, with all of its esoteric themes. But while this quote is uttered frequently during the course of that series, it does not originate with BSG. It was actually the first laid down by J.M. Barrie as the very first sentence from his classic novel, Peter Pan. In both creative endeavors, the cyclical nature of events is addressed and reoccuring patterns are examined. As an astrologer, this vantage point is at the core of how I and my peers explain and comprehend the world around us, using the movements and relationships between the material bodies in the Solar System and larger galaxy as the words, grammar and syntax of our language.

I have had this quote on my mind since Jupiter transitioned into Capricorn, but particularly since January. I have read endless commentary from my peers discussing the intensity of this period, with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all occupying the cold, dry, remote sign of the goat. We could all see the signs that we were heading for difficulty. Some astrologers have engaged in what borders on apocalypse word porn, to a nearly sociopathic level. Some others, as a response, took the new-age mental oblivion route of claiming that such anyone who has trepidations of this time period are alarmists who are manifesting their own fears.

I personally take a more measured approach as it relates simply to the transition of Jupiter from Sagittarius to Capricorn, which is thematic of the time period. We cannot have endless expansion and abundance, which Jupiter favors. Just ask our waistlines. We become dull, lazy automatons. Conversely, if there is no respite from endless need, want, discipline and contraction, there really is not much point to anything. Hence the essential need for the cycles and ebbs and flow of our lives. Also, hence the need for convenient word descriptors in our astrological toolbox such as dignity, debility, domicile, detriment, exaltation, fall, etc.

I could go on and on about the philosophy behind some of these topics, but I am pressed for time today. There is no doubt that we are dealing with times that are as trying as they were during the Great Depression. The scope and length of time surrounding this Saturnine contraction insures that we are facing a greater global economic recession than those following 9/11 or the market collapse of 2008. This isn’t fear-mongering. Those are facts. We don’t get to the point where we learn the lesson and rebuild our lives and paint the positive spin unless we engage in a honest appraisal of the facts. There is also no doubt to me as a healthcare worker, a Christian and as astrologer that we are being forced to examine the reality of our governments, our science, our apathy, and our relationship to the natural world. Joaquin got that right in his poignant and eloquent award speech. We are disconnected from the natural world, from our communities, our families, our gods. God will always use any opportunity to get our attention.

Ok, down to brass tacks. There are two charts I want to glance at today as guideposts going forward. The first is the chart for a possible Corona virus patient zero and the second is the Aries ingress chart, which occured within the past 12 hours. Happy Vernal Equinox, by the way. First up, Corona patient zero. Public health officials have focused in on a possible patient zero as having presented to an ER in Wuhan, China on November 17, 2019. I am citing China as ground zero, because those are the facts that we are presented with at this time.

If anyone feels I am unfairly targeting the Chinese people, rest assure that is not the case. As a Westerner, I can turn my nose up at the wet market practices in China, and I agree that they are horrific. However, I have to admit that the way we treat the animals we have deigned acceptable to eat in this country also live in similarly horrific conditions, living on top of each other, fattened to the point that they can’t move, living in such close proximity that they pass infections on to each other, etc. I could go on, but the topic is extremely, mind-numbingly unsettling to me. I don’t know that I have the stones to go vegan, and I do not necessarily agree that I would have to do so to become more connected to the natural world as Mr. Phoenix suggests. But there is no doubt that there is plenty of room to point the finger back on ourselves here, in so many ways.

Corona One

This is the patient zero chart. We have to throw out the ascendant and therefore all the houses in this chart, because we do not know a time. I chose 7pm for the time, because it seems like a likely time a person would knock off work and go to the ER. The single biggest point I would choose to emphasize here is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. I have seen quite a few people focus on the more recent Mercury retrograde in this pandemic. The only thing Mercury rx accomplished recently was to remove our blinders with regards to this issue. As soon as Mercury fell back into Aquarius, the rubber band Mercury pulled back was released, and the momentum of our awareness surrounding Corona was released, at least on the global level. Obviously, China and Italy were already well into the thick of this. Mercury in Pisces is not keen to distinguish lines and details. Mercury in Pisces retrograde is particulary damaged.

Mercury rx in Scorpio is the original author of the Corona story, and I would like to point out that Mercury had just completed its big transit of the Sun six days prior. Mercury deals with telling stories and disseminating information. Mercury in Scorpio deals with a thorough, probing examination of the information it is presented. Mercury with its hairline tight transit of the Sun harnesses the light and heat of the Sun through a magnifying glass and burns away whatever is in its path. All talk of fire aside, Scorpio also deals with things like still water and unsanitary conditions. So, Scorpio is telling that tale. Mercury completes its retrogade journey within three days of patient zero. If we cite a two week incubation period for the Corona virus in the body, we arrive at November 3rd, which is two days from the start of the retrogade period. I have stated before that I do not ascribe to the idea that Mercury in phasis is particularly relevant, due to the amount of time it is in phasis by definition. I am arriving to the conclusion that rather than eliminate it as a concept, I would be inclined to cut the time period in half to 3.5 days instead of seven.

So Mercury identifies the flaws in the system and communicates this information to Saturn, Pluto, the South Node and Ceres in Capricorn. This chart could also be a Ceres ingress chart, an idea in which I will have to save for another time. I am not as comfortable using asteroids, but I always include Ceres. One thing I heard said about Ceres and I cannot cite the source is that Ceres nurtures by…..(insert the qualities of the sign she is transversing). Well, Ceres in Capricorn, bolstered by Saturn in his own domicile nutures us by contraction and discipline. We are all feeling that now. We are also dealing with a virus which targets the elderly and spares the young. I am not on the Boomer hating band-wagon, but I would say there is some pretty heavy karma for that generation, especially here in the US, where a single generation of people, representing a fraction of the world’s population, devoured a disproportionate chunk of the world’s resources. My contention and concession for them is that probably anyone would have dropped the abundance ball.

Mercury cooperates well with Capricorn, but has no idea what Jupiter and Mars are up to. Jupiter and Mars play well with each other and the 12th part of Jupiter is close to Mars. Mars has existed in a contentious capacity with the Capricorn grouping, although he is pulling away from them. Mars in his detriment is a warrior for justice in Libra and his aggression is supported by a strong Jupiter. If there was any element of foul play from any person, group of people or government, I feel that it is possibly illustrated here. It is virtually impossible for us to know the truth on this matter, and I would not fall for any rhetoric from any government or official who points the finger. Mercury in Scorpio does not have the answer to that question. He does not play with Libra or Sagittarius. This pairing of Mars and Jupiter could very well point to the unjust accucastions made by blustering gasbags:)

A brief glimpse of the US Aries ingress chart:Aries Ingress 2020

Scorpio Ascendant places us right in the thick of the quagmire defined in November. The Ascendant is ruled by Mars, who is the sect malefic. He is applying to the out-of-sect benefic, Jupiter. Prudent, restricive action will likely safe-guard our health, but Saturn is the unfettered out-of-sect malefic here. We will take loses. The angles are fixed, which is sustained energy. Where we find ourselves is where we will remain for a while. We will likely be hunkering down for more than two weeks.

The sect light is the Moon in the 4th. She is in aversion to her ruler, Saturn, and engaging in a lovely, cooperative relationship with the sect benefic, Venus in Taurus. Venus here accomplishes everything she promises. Again, this supports prudent action, humanitarianism and the sharing of resources. We are all willingly embracing tenants of socialism in this crisis, and I have personally found a major Taurus emphasis in the charts of famous people with those leanings. Taurus is rarely a hoarder. That would be an unfair modern interpretation of Taurean principles. Venus plays nice with everyone she needs to in this chart. We are experiencing an increased sentiment of bi-partisianship or a-partisianship at this time, with exceptions, of course (Venus 12th part in Scorpio). Exalted Sun in Aries is in the 6th house of health and of the common folk. We are likely to rise to the occasion here and the overall health of the citizens of our nation will not be as hard hit as other countries.

Within days of this chart, Saturn rolls into Aquarius. His elemental qualities are no longer as cold and dry. This bodes well for the natural dissipation of the Corona virus. He cooperates well with a warming Sun in Aries. These two guys arrive in the nick of time. Not necessarily to prevent serious changes to our way of life, but certainly to safeguard to very essence of our lives themselves. Saturn, a diurnal planet, prefers to reside in masculine Aquarius versus feminine Capricorn. Tensions will be eased, but society will be transformed. Now, like with the 1918 Spanish Flu, as well as with other viruses, Corona is likely to re-emerge later this year. Coincidentally, Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn and we will experience a long transit of Mars in Aries, because he will also retrograde. Do not rest on your laurels. And try not to be caught up in contentious sentiments later this year.

I am attaching this painting, entitled Spring, painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo in 1563, just to inject a bit obsurdity into our lives.

Also, do not be surprised if I tweak this 10,000 times.



I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, when you were slaves. You shall have no other God before me.


Transit of Mercury 2019

I would begin this post by making the bold claim that November 2019 is an exciting and unusual month both astronomically and astrologically. But to be honest, when you closely study an ephemeris and the sky on a regular basis, every month is exciting. In fact, I have been studying the heavens to some degree nearly all my life, and I only find myself feeling more passion and wonder, not less. I suppose that it is when you have truly arrived at your purpose and calling in life. In this instance though, a whole bunch of people besides me are gaga over tomorrow’s celestial event.

Less than 12 hours from now, Mercury will transit or occult the Sun. Bascially, this is similar to a Solar eclipse, in that Mercury will pass between the Sun and the Earth to form a inferior conjunction with the Sun. This marks the beginning of a new 116 day cycle of Mercury. Conjunctions occur astrologically when planets line up by longitude. Parallels occur when planets line up by declination (latitude). Eclipses, transits and occultations occur when bodies are both conjunct and parallel. Furthermore, these less common astro phenonenon occur when a planet crosses over one its nodes. In this case, Mercury will cross its ascending (north) node from south to north.


Tomorrow, Mercury will conjunct the Sun at 18°55′ Scorpio and will parallel the Sun at 17°S26′. With such precision numbers, if it were the Moon and not Mercury, the Sun would be totally eclipsed. As it is, Mercury will appear as but a freckle on the face of Sol. During the 2017 solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon were at 28°52′ longitude in Leo, and they were at 11°N51′ and 12°N16′ respectively. The lunar nodes were at 13°N and S respectively. Our Mercury transit coordinates are even tighter. During the solar eclipse of July 2018, which was only partial, there was an 82 minute separation between the declination of the Sun and the Moon. The Nodes were 15 degrees away from the luminaries. I think you can see where I am going here. When the transit of Mercury numbers are tight, Mercury cuts right across the heart of the Sun. Less precise declination results in Mercury cutting across anywhere from less than center to the rims of the Sun.

So, what does this mean for us in the wide world of astro sports? On one hand, Mercury will be cazimi. A planet is generally harmed by the rays of a Sun during a close conjunction and is considered combust. When is planet is cazimi, it is within a 17′ radius of the Sun on either side, the affairs of the planets are not hampered, they are amplified. So Mercury in Scorpio will receive a tremendous boost from his association with the Sun. How this plays out will depend on the house and sect of Mercury, which will depend on your location.

Now, cazimi is considered beneficial, but eclipses are not. I have to wonder if too much potentcy is such a good thing. We shall see. The possibly of too much potency with Scorpio is always a legitimate issue on its own. I would place less emphasis on the apparent retrograde motion of Mercury. The inferior conjunction of Mercury occurs halfway through the retrograde period, therefore, it is not quite as intense as when Mercury is stationing. Pay attention to the behavior of those around you and the events of the world and even your own internal processes. Mercury in Scorpio has a laser focus by its own merit. This transit will likely cut to the core of any matter.

I wish I could dive more into this, but I have school work and then work-work in the am. I know; I should have planned ahead!:) Here is the chart for tomorrow’s transit taken from my location. Also, below that, I am providing a couple of valuable astronomical links for this event from people who have a much deeper technological understanding than I do. I am also providing a link to the Swiss Ephemeris, where you can calculate the nodes of all the planets.

Mercury Cazimi Occult

(As an aside: note that the Part of Faith aligns with Spirit when the Sun and Mercury are conjoined. This is due to the formulas used to derive those two parts. Interestingly, the Part of Faith appeared on my Janus charts without me prompting it. I suspect this relates to some work I did about Notre Dame earlier in the year, which I didn’t get to print in a timely manner. I probably selected that part and then forgot about. It fell off my visual radar until now, but interacts with several key points over the next month, and the last month Jupiter is in his domicile. I will discuss this more later in the week.)

The featured image for this post is a Medieval take on key divisions of philosophy: arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy, called the Quadrivium. The Quadrivium relates to the seven liberal arts dating back to ancient Greece.

The diagram I posted depicting the transit of Mercury is from an unknown source, but I located it in several disparate places online. If you are the owner of this image, please let me know so I can credit you or remove it.

Last transit of Mercury until 2032


01:23:40 Meltdown: The Astrology of Chernobyl: Part One


We have all heard of the Chernobyl nuclear power accident, and if you have not, I commend your commitment to remaining completely untainted by modern news media and social media. Or, I scowl at your persistent clinging to ignorance and disconnection to the world around you. At any rate, while fighting the depression and despair surrounding the end of the Game of Thrones series-run, many of us found ourselves in the loving arms of HBO’s Chernobyl. In truth, this rebound was an infinity superior viewing experience anyway, proving again, that truth and reality are stranger and more compelling than any book series bastardized by Hollywood.

In the first part of my analysis, I am going to examine the event chart.  Astrologically, it would be easy to look at the reactor meltdown chart as the “a-ha” chart of the day. In truth, this chart offers a startling testimony to the event of the moment. In fact, this is basically an astrologer’s fantasy chart.

1986 Chernobyl Disaster


We find Uranus closely conjunct the Ascendant here and nothing says “shocking, catastrophic accident” like Uranus on the Ascendant. I consider myself a traditional astrologer in training, with heavy modern sympathies. A purist traditional astrologer would tell you that he or she can effectively ignore the outer planets to delineate a chart. Being more of a hybrid astrologer, I would have to counter, “but, why though?”. I can also effectively live my life without electricity, but I can assure you, I will be availing myself of this amazing technological achievement. This is fitting astrological analogy superimposed on a study about nuclear power. You’re welcome.

We also find the nodes closely linked to the MC/IC axis. The Chernobyl story has all the hallmarks of a fated event. I will explain a bit on down the road just how fateful this story really is. Again, traditional astrologers get testy when words like fate, karma, reincarnation, and evolution get bandied about in relation to astrology and with good reason. The intellectual and spiritual nebulousness surrounding the usage of these words and the commoditization and trivialization of spiritual concepts has forced anyone who applies honest, academic energy to the study and practice of astrology to divorce themselves from perceived embarrassing concepts. I assert that these spiritual ideas have existed through-out time and have been intertwined in nearly every cultural and spiritual identity. Even the absence of these concepts in Judeo-Christian text and understanding seems intriguingly conspicuous. Vedic astrologers, whose practice of astrology is directly linked to the Hindu faith, have no quarrel with these precepts, and they maintain an unbroken tradition of astrologic study reaching back two millennia, one closely related to western astrology.

With this in mind, I describe Chernobyl as a fated, karmic incident as evidenced by the location of the Nodes on the MC/IC axis. These nodes are activated by a Full Lunar eclipse, which occurred on April 24, 1986. You can suspect the involvement of Nodal/Eclipse activity in a chart anytime you see the Sun closely linked with one of the Nodes. Nothing says fate and catastrophe quite the same way an eclipse does. With regards to events that are fated, or have broader social contexts, we also look to the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn. Both of these planets are in the stakes of the chart, the stakes being the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. Stakes represent four key areas of our life: ourselves, our background, our partners and/or competitors, and our profession and social reputation. Planets in the stakes are able to fully realize their potential. They keep their promises.

Any planet in a house tends to overrule the influence of the house Lord. Jupiter is Lord of the Ascendant, but Saturn is contained within the 1st house. Saturn in Sagittarius represents the self, which was fully linked to the State and the ideology of statism in the Soviet Union. The notion of statism takes on a certain religious zeal, particularly when it is the defining philosophy of a society and particularly when no competing philosophy is permitted. Jupiter confirms Sagittarian notions of State worship while residing in Pisces. In this sense, the love of State, and the absolute consolidation of power to the State, is no different than the love of church or king. The Chernobyl reactor was an extension of the State. It was undoubtedly a source of state pride that the whole of Soviet Russia and its unitary republics could enjoy electrical power due to these reactors and do to the supremacy of Communism.


By 1986, statism was deeply entrenched in the Soviet Union. Whole generations of people where at various helms who had never been meaningfully exposed to another way or life or another thought process. Statism was also becoming staid and calcified. One could not question the will of the Saturnine State and one existed to serve the State. The benevolence of Jupiter in Pisces is buried in the 4th house. Jupiter dictated the affairs of Sagittarius, but Sagittarius dictates the actions of Pisces, because it is in a superior position to Pisces. Saturn is in a superior square to Jupiter and he won the coin toss, because he is in the first house. Squares are not necessarily a bad thing. While planets involved in a square to each other represent friction, they behold one another, so there is a possibility of resolution. Additionally, Sagittarius and Pisces share a ruler in Jupiter. Regardless, Saturn has the ball here and he fumbles it repeatedly during the course of the two hours preceding the meltdown and the first several hours after.

When we move past the most stunningly obvious aspects of this chart, we can examine other aspects. All planets offer testimony to the condition of the chart and the events or things they represent. I am not going to examine every planet in full, but I will examine the activity of the other key player: the Moon. If an astrological chart is analogous to a photograph and Jupiter and Saturn are the central objects of that picture, the Moon is a staggering photo-bomber. Chernobyl’s chart is a night chart, therefore, the Moon is the sect light. The lights in a chart take precedence over the activities of all other contributors, regardless of where these bodies are placed.

Moon in Scorpio is Full and she has just risen over the eastern horizon. She is “in hayz”, because she is happy in the hemisphere above the horizon, she is placed in a feminine sign, and she is neither a morning star or an evening star. She rises just after the Sun sets. She has recently been blighted by the Earth two days prior during a Total Lunar Eclipse. She is in her fall in Scorpio, but she enjoys dignity in her own triplicity. She is bolstered by Mars in Capricorn, who is exalted. As with Jupiter and Saturn, Moon gives orders to Mars, who is technically stronger. Mars works hard for the Moon, even if his assigned task is to aid in destruction.

Moon in Scorpio will never forgive a slight and is highly reactive to even perceived slights. In horary terms, a fixed sign Moon in a cadent house will hold onto her anger forever. The Moon on this night is powerful and angry. She embodies “hell hath no fury.” The Moon is more fertile in Scorpio than anywhere else, but boundless fertility can be highly destructive. Imagine a family with 10+ kids. There is simply not enough time or resources to care for all those people. Imagine a still body of water with an overgrowth of algae. Eventually, the oxygen is depleted, and the water becomes stagnant. Only the hardiest survive those conditions.

Moon in Scorpio in the 12th speaks of things that are convalescing. Chernobyl and Pripyat are in a state of convalescence which is projected to last 1,000 years. The Moon also rules the 8th house of death. Chernobyl was the biggest nuclear disaster we have suffered as a species. The death toll from this nuclear meltdown was significant. Sadly, Europeans and Russians in mass aborted babies due to fear of birth defects as a result of radiation exposure, even if the risk was deemed minimal. I am not making a statement about the issue of abortion here, but it is heartbreaking to think that women felt forced to make such a decision based on incomprehensible fear. No other issue could be more symbolic of this incident than fertility halted.

Of note, Moon in Scorpio also received strong aid from Jupiter in Pisces. Scorpio is superior to Pisces. Scorpio sees Pisces and Pisces perceives Scorpio. These two have a strong working relationship that goes beyond the fact that they are both water signs. So, Jupiter takes orders from the Moon and he perceives her. Jupiter occupies the 4th, and the Earth is absolutely scorched by the fury of Scorpio and the expansive activity of her pal, Jupiter. And while Jupiter may bow to the Moon here, Chernobyl does not bow to man. In keeping with the fertility of Scorpio and the expansive benevolence of Jupiter, Chernobyl is teeming with flora and fauna.


Now, lest you think I am kicking Moon in Scorpio in the ass, we have to consider what she is trying to do here. Why is the Moon on an unstoppable war path? For starters, the Chernobyl power reactor was marred by issues of incompetence from the moment it was launched. Chernobyl was brought online with major, well known design and safety flaws. Furthermore, Chernobyl’s lead engineer made stunningly poor decisions before, during, and after the meltdown of the reactor. These concepts can be described by Venus in Taurus ruling the MC and Mercury contained within the 5th house with the IC. Mercury in Aries tells us that the reactor was activated hastily and the design itself contained flaws. Venus in Taurus, floundering with the Sun in the 6th, simply failed to react appropriately to known safety issues. Moon is Scorpio does not appreciate the lack of attention to detail or the lethargic attitude in solving known issues. To add insult to injury, peregrine Sun in Taurus indicates the insistence that a dangerous test be conducted despite common sense.

I have said this before in conversations with other astrologers and I will codify it here. Moon in Scorpio, particularly with the overwhelming power she contained in this chart, strives to shine a spot-light on problems at all costs. All four major governmental whistle-blowers during the 21st century are Moon in Scorpio natives: Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Reality Winner. They shined their lights with varying levels of acceptability and provoke varying degrees of public sympathy, support or derision. In all instances, they provide this information at the expense of themselves. Sadly, the result of their actions is not always the desired outcome. That is the nature of a fallen planets. It is a bit like Cassandra from Greek mythology. She is doomed to tell the truth that no one wants to here. A key word for a fallen planet is obscurity.

More positively, I have found that many rock-and-roll vocalists have Moon in Scorpio. Think Bono, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Christine McVie, Eric Burdon, George Harrison, Bret Michaels, Vince Neil and possibly Eric Clapton and Gregg Allman. Those are the ones I can name off the top of my head. I routinely take at least a passing glance at the charts of anyone or anything that stimulates my interest. I have ceased to be surprised at how many Moon in Scorpio natives have achieved fame through singing. The Moon finds an excellent outlet for the intense emotional energy she experiences in Scorpio. Interestingly, the Moon finds her joy in the 3rd house, a place where communication is optimal. We don’t automatically associate Scorpio with a need to speak or be heard, but she obviously functions better when she has that voice. Music is less likely to offend our personal sensibilities than traitorous behavior.

I am going to end part one of this analysis here. Again, one would think the event chart tells the tale, and this chart does spin a good yarn, but I have found several other charts that are worthy of study. I also wanted to jump on my soap box about astrologers conducting what I call a thorough “history and physical.”

 (PS….I published this post with the Asc at 23 Scorpio, which links right up with Chernobyl’s Moon and the Asc and Jupiter of this site. This was completely unintentional, as I rarely time things in this manner. I believe in a more organic approach to life, so this was published when it was meant to be published versus when I thought it should be published. This does illustrate a certain synchronicity in life though. I have been bouncing around the idea to write this since January, way before I knew about the tv series.)

PPS. (1345, June 12, 2019) I chose “House of the Rising Sun” as sang by The Animal’s Eric Burdon in order to highlight the raw passion and talent of Moon in Scorpio music. He is probably the most talented on that list, although Christine McVie’s Songbird is breathtaking and gentle….truly the song I would pick to express my love for a man. The serendipitous thing about picking Eric Burdon is that he also has Sag Rising, Sun and Venus in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio. In fact, Eric has Saturn, The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus in the 6th (not only are all these planets co-present, but they range from 18-27 degrees, so they are conjunct by anyone definition off orb. Furthermore, his Venus, Mercury and Uranus are within 18 minutes of each other.) He also has Moon in Scorpio in the 12th and Mars in Aquarius in the 3rd. So basically , he is fully fixed, but experienced through a mutable lens. In keeping with his chart, he has experienced extremes highs and lows in his life and survived all of it. And his voice is truly nuclear powered. This fully illustrates why I am not a planner in anything but the most general terms. I could have never thought, “I want to find an artist with some of Chernobyl’s astrological signatures, who is likewise an forceful presence,” and found this dude’s chart. I would have been exhausted and frustrated by the attempt. I am a firm believer in life’s little “accidents.” Probably, why I am an astrologer:)


Civil war


Major League Baseball Opening Day

Happy Opening Day to Major League Baseball, and my personal favorite team, the New York Yankees. My Dad was and is a major jock, so one of the most instinctively soothing sounds to me is the sound of a baseball game being announced. I have been listening to Yankee games and Led Zeppelin since I was a zygote; they are encoded in my DNA. One of the few times I saw my Dad cry was the day Thurman Munson died-that is how important Yankee baseball is in my family.

One of the great things about American baseball from an astrological perspective is that each Major League Baseball team plays 162 games during the regular season and more, if a team makes it to post season play. That is 162 plus opportunities to study event charts. I will always maintain that so many astrologers blew their 2016 US presidential elections primarily because of bias. Every astrologer I know who was liberal picked Clinton. Every astrologer I know who was not liberal, or would never pick Clinton for other reasons, picked Trump. There was no objective astrological process to be found. None. To be fair to all my astrological colleagues, there is no such thing as perfect objectivity. I don’t care if you were examining the influence of NASA’s space garbage in relation to Optimus Prime in the Alpha Centuri Solar System. This is one of the reasons why doctors are not ethically permitted to treat their own family members, particularly with respect to interventional medical procedures. As an astrologers, there are times when we have to seek outside counsel when examining our own charts or the charts of our loved ones, as well. The take away here is we do have to honest enough to admit our bias.

Another big take away is that we have to find a way to hone our craft. I can’t be a proficient mundane or predictive astrologer unless I practice on a lot of charts. A lot, a lot™. Medical residents and fellows spend years practicing under another practitioner before practicing medicine on their own. Sports is an excellent way for an astrologer to hone mundane techniques. Political elections do not happen quite as often as ball games. Frequent repetition, in my mind, will help abate the influence of personal bias in astrological practice. I am not going to try to convince anyone to become a sports fan, but I will suggest that studying astrology from that perspective will be enormously beneficial. So, poke around and find something you like. I have found myself thoroughly engrossed in bowling tournments and poker games.

Which brings me to my last take away before examining today’s opening day charts. An astrologer has to seriously temper his or her expectations. Astrologers puff and crow like petulant roosters at the notion that modern science and astrology, which no matter how you practice it is based on ancient techniques and philosophy, are not compatible, nor should they be. Astrology is a conceptual language, and therefore, cannot be established by modern, scientific method means. But why? I may sound like a petulant toddler, but I do have Moon in Aries. So why? Why can’t astrology conform to modern scientific process, at least, not completely?

Let’s ponder chemistry. If I take a sodium molecule and a chloride molecule, I will make table salt every time. There is no statistical variance. The results of bringing sodium and chloride together is reproducible everytime. Well, that is brilliant if you are a molecule, or some other element of material nature which likewise interacts with other elements in a predictable way. This is also a rather impressive demonstration of the genius of God, when you consider that the elements in stars interact on the very same principles in which the salt on your French fries interact. As above, so below. There are, however, many occurrences in our realms of physical, spiritual and emotional existences which we do not understand, or to which cannot be neatly explained by a 5-step scientific method.

Perhaps I can provide further insight into why astrology and modern science are not a perfect fit, or why astrology does not illustrate scientific principles in a way we can fully understand at this moment. By the same logic, I can illustrate why modern, material science, while ENORMOUSLY BENEFICIAL, CANNOT answer all of our questions:

The Yankees play their first game today against the Baltimore Orioles. The game is set in the Bronx, New York, so we will cast a chart from that location at the time of scheduled play, with the Yankees holding the imperative, because they are the home team. There are 10 players on the field during the game during every play: the pitcher, catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, shortstop, 3rd baseman, right fielder, center fielder, and left fielder, as well as the batter from the opposing team. There are several runners on field during some plays. The opposing team also possesses a nine-man defensive starting team. There are various coaches, umpires and commentators surrounding the game in play. There are pinch hitters, designated hitters and bull-pin pitchers. There are team administrators and fans. There are even field grounds keepers and the folks who manufacture the equipment used by each team. My point being that there are many astrological charts contributing to the average baseball game. We would use the start of the game as the chart at hand, but we have to concede that there is a butterfly effect or X-factor (ala Al Morrison) applying its own imperative to every baseball game and every endeavor we conceive.

Enough philosophy: there are several opening day games in the major leagues, but only two starting at the same time: the Baltimore Orioles at the New York Yankees for the American League at 1305 in Bronx, New York and the New York Mets at the Washington Nationals for the National League at 1305 in Washington, D.C. I am going to focus on the first chart right now. The charts are similar, but the differences may tell the tale between the American League, broadly represented by the first chart and the National League, represented by the second.


I am very much a novice when it comes to event astrology, so I will approach these charts from a study perspective. I was a bit downcast thinking that my home-team Yankees would be represented by the first house, but I am seeing that the first house is me, the Yankees are the 10th and the Orioles are the 4th. With this in mind, the Yankees are represented by Mars in Taurus as domicile ruler and Sun in Aries as exaltation ruler. Mars isn’t really at home in Taurus, but fairs well in the 11th house. He does not see the affairs of the Aries 10th house.  He is out of sect in a day chart. Mars is the associate triplicity ruler of Taurus. Mars in the 29th degree of Taurus is in the 12th part of Aries, which places him with the Sun in the 10th. He is mutually received by the Moon in Capricorn. All in all, I don’t hate Mars in Taurus here. I don’t see smooth sailing for the Yankees here, or for the American League, but the same rules could apply for the Nationals or the National League. There are no sho-ins here, but probably not any major upsets.

The Orioles are represented by the 4th house, as is any opposer to a favorite in either league. Venus rules the 4th and is in Pisces in the 9th. It is exalted, does not see the Libran 4th house, but this aversion is alleviated by antiscia. Venus is also out of sect in a day chart. Venus answers to a strong ruler, Jupiter in Sag. Both Venus and Jupiter are in cadent houses, so while strong by dignity, achieve only a little with respect to house placement. The exalted ruler of 4th house is Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn blights Moon in Cappy in her detriment, which mutually receives Mars (indicator of home teams). A diligent, disciplined opponent can wage a real challenge to any team who feels comfortable on its perch.

While I am typing this, the Yanks are spanking the Orioles 6-2. There is no doubt that Mars and the Sun are more actively competitive than Venus and Saturn. What may really tell the tale here is that both the 10th and the 4th have strong, in sect exaltation rulers: Sun in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn. Overall, again, I don’t see an obvious favorites here, other than to say that the Sun is culminating. Interestingly, the Yankees rank third in power rankings for MLB; the Orioles rank 30th, which is at the bottom of the barrel. The Nationals, on the other hand, rank 9th, while the Mets rank 14th. A true astrological study could/should probably be conducted by watching Mets baseball this year, being that they are right in the middle of the rankings. The Yanks are almost always 1st or 2nd in their division and high rankings in their league, so there would be a greater statistical variance.

It will be interesting to discover what, if anything, can be found astrologically when examining charts in this way. I will leave you with my favorite quote from Kevin Costner’s movie Bull Durham, a 1980s movie about minor league baseball, with a philosophical bent. Field of Dreams, another Costner baseball movie released in 1989, when Saturn, Uranus and Neptune where all impacting Costner’s Sun in Cappy, is by far a more superior, mystical, contemplative movie, and I would encourage anyone to watch it. But, I think Crash Davis’s snappy little monologue here really sums up life rather nicely:

Post Script:

Yeah, so if a guy dropped that lecture on me, I would internally chuckle a bit suspecting that he had practiced that in the mirror 10,000 times. Of course, this is an example of what one would say if the dialogues in our real lives matched the ones in our heads, or put on paper. I love a guy with a fully developed ethos, so props to the script writer here.

So the home team Yankees beat the Orioles decisively, 7-2. The opposing team Mets beat the Nationals, 2-0. We see that mixed bag of results indicative of the charts. The game of the day belongs to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who scored a record-breaking 8 home runs for their opening day effort. Not a huge difference here between this chart and the other two, although the 12 part of the Moon is in Cancer in the 1st and the 12th part of the AC is in Aries in the 10th. The Dodgers possess more angular momentum than either the Yankees or the Nationals. Hopefully, this will turn out to be a fruitful exercise and an exciting baseball season.



Venus in Pisces Day: Today and Yesterday

There is no doubt that Venus loves being in Pisces. She is at her best there, because she is exalted. Venus also loves occupying any feminine sign. She is the diurnal triplicity ruler of all Earth and Water sign placements. Venus in Pisces is loving and desirable. She is soft and flowing. She gives with no expectation of reciprocity. Venus in Pisces is long-suffering, which is a gift of the Christian Holy Spirit. You would think I have that placement, but mine is in Aries and that is a whole different ball of wax. Aries and Pisces are both considered lusty signs and are contra-antiscia to one another, so I appreciate where Venus in Pisces is coming from.


Furthermore, this site, House of Joy Astrology, has Venus in Pisces in the 5th house and was conceived during the night, so Venus was in sect. The 5th house is Venus’s house of joy, hence the name. All of these conditions are currently being experienced at the moment I write this post. (Sadly, there is no dapper dude hiding under my desk right now, in keeping with the pic above, but Pisces does have a vivid imagination😘.)The Venus of this site is very strong and Venus is strong right now. Being new to this sign, the current Venus is in the Pisces 12th part. House of Joy has Venus at 20 °16 Pisces, so her 12th part is Scorpio. Venus is not ecstatic to dwell in the sign of her opponent, Mars, but finds comfort and probably hot sex while dwelling in her own triplicity. Venus did engage in a rather scandalous affair with the God of War after all.

img_6442march 26, 2019

Lastly, Venus in Pisces answers to Jupiter in Sagittarius, because Jupiter rules Pisces and Jupiter in Sag is to the right of Pisces. Any aspect relationship between two planets expresses itself in a master/commander dynamic; the planet to the right being the master and commander of the planet to the left. There is no doubt that Sagittarius and Pisces share a tense relationship being square to one another, but full description of aspects and planetary relationships was greatly watered down during the modern age of astrology. Sag and Pisces are square to one another, but they share the same ruler. In this case, Jupiter in Sag and Venus in Pisces shed no tears in their dealings with one another. Venus is content to do Jupiter’s bidding. Let the good times roll.

Back to the House of Joy natal chart: I didn’t start this post with the intent of discussing her chart in depth, but I noticed that HOJA is also experiencing a Mercury return today. Mercury was in a mixed bag state then and in an even mixier, hyper-potent state today. I am going to break this down right now.

Mercury was at 16°49′ Pisces when HOJA was born and Mercury is at 16°11′ minutes Pisces at this moment. What can be said of Mercury in its 17th degree? Firstly, there is no more uncomfortable sign for Mercury to exist in than Pisces, because Mercury is both in its detriment and fall in Pisces. Mercury needs the precision of an Earth sign or the emotional detachment of an Air sign to function optimally. None of that is to be found in watery, Jupiterian Pisces.

This post and this site both have Mercury somewhere in the 17th degree of Pisces. Mercury from 15°00′ to 17°29′ is in the 12th part of Virgo, which conversely, Mercury loves. No other planet enjoys both domicile and exaltation status in one sign, other than Mercury in Virgo.  In order to fully illustrate how beneficial Mercury in Virgo really is: Switzerland has both Sun and Mercury in Virgo. Switzerland is known for its watch-making, among other things. Now, there is a benefit to seeing the forest for the trees, particularly in the field of justice, which Mercury’s opposite, Jupiter oversees. There is also a benefit to emotional thinking, in terms of art and poetry. There is no benefit to abstraction or emotionalism when it comes to watch making or time telling or arrow shooting, where an excruciating attention to detail really counts. This is why Mercury is happy in Virgo and not in Pisces. It can do its fucking job. Interestingly, Mercurial precision actually does benefit music, art and philosophy, so it gives more than it receives.

HOJA’s chart contains a Mercury which was combust to the Sun. Probably, this is going to be a more art than science website, but there are other aims to strive for:) Mercury was in sect during HOJA’s birth and it is not at this moment. It will be tomorrow during the day. Mercury sect is derived not by its gender to diurnal/nocturnal relationship like other planets, because Mercury has no gender. Its relationship to the Sun and the Sun’s gender tells the tale.

Today’s Mercury is not combust, but is in doubly in phasis, because it is stationing to change direction and apply to forward motion. It is also in a Heliacal Rise phase, which means it has just made its appearance in the morning sky, after being overshadowed by the beams of the Sun.

Within the past couple of days, we have experience some odd, perplexing and continuously obfuscating news revelations here in the US. Jussie Smollett’s charges were dropped by the Chicago, DA. Probably appropriate, due to the witch hunt nature of the public reaction to his transgressions, which relates to a bigger picture of hyper-emotional reactions to social injustice and the exploitation of social injustice for personal gain. We have also witnessed the surprising revelation that Robert Mueller could not find collusion between Russia and President Trump with regards to election tampering. With that comes conservative crowing and liberal tears and double-downing, narrative bending.

Mercury is currently conjunct Neptune within minutes. We are truly existing in a quagmire of truth, lies, reality, fantasy, rationalism and emotionalism like nothing I have ever seen. Speaking of watches: did you scratch yours while simultaneously attempting to wind your butt lately? I did so hard that I gave myself a migraine:)

Those are the two big similarities between this moment and HOJA’s natal chart. One thing I can say is that my active foray into Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology has really made astrology and chart reading come alive for me. It I have touched on any concepts that seems unfamiliar, they likely spring from that time period. I was nearly ready to give up on astrology as a passion until I discovered Renaissance astrology in 2001, which lead me to the place I am now. It took me quite a while to really refine my passion in earnest, due to life, single motherhood (and I mean bringing another human being into adulthood almost entirely on my own), nursing school, nursing a terminally ill parent and a subsequent depression, presenting their obstacles.

I have more to say on today’s chart, but my bed and tomorrow’s day job beckon. Hopefully, I can provide an addendum to this post tomorrow night, while it is still relevant.

In the meantime, I created a Spotify playlist for the Venus in Pisces/Jupiter in Sag time period. There are only a couple of songs in it so far, but I am hoping to add more. The playlist is collaborative, so feel free to add to them, as long the tone relates to pleasure, love, joy and expansion. 

Also, it keeping with Venus in Pisces/12th part Scorpio, may I recommend Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus, a collection of erotic tales?–2wC&dq=delta+of+venus