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The Unmasking After the Masquerade: Full Eclipse Moon in Sagittarius

Happy, happy Full Moon in Sagittarius and penumbral eclipse. We all may be struggling to find joy in our lives right now. The past few months have felt a lot like the Spanish flu, the roaring 20s, the Great Depression and the beating of racial war drums all converging upon a painfully short time period, a series of events that would otherwise manifest over the course of decades.

I personally always hold out hope that if we tend to our health and the happiness and well-being of our family and friends, we are pretty much guaranteed a certain level of joy and peace regardless of outside circumstances. We like to imagine that money, career, prestige, etc equates to happiness, but we rarely find that to ever be the case. We are clearly being called as a larger collective to acknowledge certain truths and consider the health and happiness of our neighbors on a larger scale as well.

For those of us in the United States, the Full Moon occurs right across the Sibly Asc/DC axis. This axis has been activated time and time again during important events in America. Furthermore, Venus regressed through the Sagittarius 12th part just as widespread protesting and rioting were heating up last week across the country. It occurs to me that an activated Gemini 7th house, in addition to signifying foreign relations, could also signify members of the community who are disenfranchised for any reason, or who feel like foreigners in their own country, such as minorities or members of the LBGTQ+ community.

I bring up the latter group, because a fellow astrologer, the author of the Seven Stars Astrology blog, brought up in one of his posts the correlation between gay rights and the transit of Venus which occurred in 2012. Again, this transit tightly engaged the the Sibly ASC/DC axis. In this respect, the Venus transit dealt with literal issues of marriage, and the issue of marriage as it relates to those excluded from it.

We are not being called to address marital issues now, but we are emphatically being called to consider the very real oppression we would like to ignore or never knew existed. We are being called to bring every member of our family into the fold, and cease treating them like foreigners, inferiors or enemies. (Probably on a micro level, we could generally consider the me versus you dynamic which exists for spouses, given that there is inherent opposition in the union, both practically and astrologically.)

With that said, there is very little that can be said for the Full Moon chart, other than that everyone is weak and no one accomplishes anything, except Mars. He continues to stroke the flames of conflict, by tightly squaring the luminaries.

I can’t do much else with this chart now, due to work and school, but I would encourage you to examine the Full Moon chart against the backdrop of the Sibly chart and the Venus transit chart. There is so much there. The good news is that our marriage laws were ultimately changed to reflect Venusian principles of love and fairness. It is my hope that we make progress with the racial issues that have plagued us since day one.

It is interesting to me that the rulers of the ASC/MC axis of the Sibly chart both occupy the eighth house in Cancer. We managed to achieve an enormous amount of wealth, often at the expense of others, and in stark contrast to the principles our nation was founded on. That is some serious karma.

I would suggest as a personal exercise that we all
examine where we are now on a personal level versus where we were in 2012. The nodes have flipped from Sagittarius to Gemini, so this axis is highly active for more than one reason, but reversed.

Last thing I have to mention in all three of these charts is the distinct lack of fixed sign energy. Other than that, stay safe, stay healthy and stay aware. Hug your kids, cats, dogs, spouses and love your neighbors as yourself, all of them. Not just the ones who look like you, love like you or think like you.

PS….We saw a transit of Venus in December of 1882 in Sagittarius. Just 7 months prior, when Venus was in Gemini, the first piece of legislation restricting immigration in the US was signed, the Chinese Exclusion Act. We always have the opportunity to get it wrong. Let’s not do that.


The Lady Is a Tramp: Full Moon in Scorpio

I toiled over this title for this post a bit, bouncing around different ideas to illustrate the themes of fertility and putrification, creation and destruction, growth and stagnation; all key contrasts in the Taurus/Scorpio opposition narrative. I settled upon this tongue in cheek example of Taurus/Scorpio prinicples at their worst; a lady with a debauched sense of value, which could be a fitting description of Moon in her fall in Scorpio. Of course, full moon in Scorpio presides over the most joyful, hopeful and fruitful time of the year in the Northern hemisphere, at the height of spring. I would conclude that a key problem with any feminine descriptors related to lusty, wanton women who challenge the power of men is that they were historically written by men:)

I do not wish to devote too much energy to broader astrological themes. The Moon reached her fullness several hours ago. The Washington DC full moon chart is actually quite fascinating, because it places the Sun and Moon in the 1st and 7th houses, the full moon having occured just after sunrise.


The Sun and the Moon are halfway through their courses through Taurus and Scorpio, so they fling their 12th parts to the opposite sign. The outer wheel of this chart is a 12th part wheel, so you see the Sun and the Moon in the opposite signs and houses. The 12th part Sun and Moon also align with the native Asc and DC line, so themes of identity and partnership and repeatedly highlighted. The Lot of Spirit and Fortune conjunct the DC, which is true of all full moon charts. The 12th parts of the ASC and DC occupy the 12th house, so themes of health, convalescence and imprisonment are also highlighted, but diminish in importance, or are perhaps issues that we ignore at our peril.

If I were to tap into my Anglo-Celtic roots, I would be more inclined to celebrate Beltane at this time of the month, rather than the more arbitrary day of May 1st. I would say the same for Imbolc, Lammas and Samhain. It would be a worthwhile endeavor to experiment with timing during these critical moments of the year, as it relates to sacred rituals. I would imagine any ritual would have been particularly fruitful at sunrise today. I probably should have mentioned that before today.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis has been the unnamed key player of the COVID-19 time period. If we recall, a possible patient zero emerged when Mercury transitted the Sun in November, 2019. The US’s Aries ingress occurred with the ASC/MC axis in Scorpio/Taurus. President Trump even signed the first economic stimulus legislation when the ASC/MC was on the Scorpio/Taurus axis. Not to discount the more obvious and dominant Capricorn/Cancer polarity, but Scorpio and Taurus seem to speak more to method, message and timing. Incidentally, Scorpio/Taurus was the predominate pacemaker during the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, which stained the water and the land and contributed to the downfall of the Soviet empire.

Saturn occupies the 10th house as does his 12th part. He is in hayz, culminating, and in his own domicile, so he is quite powerful. He is in phasis, because he will begin his retrograde course in a few days. A malefic who is changing course to a retrograde position becomes less malefic. Overall, Saturn is less malefic in Aquarius than in Capricorn. It will be interesting to note when Saturn falls back into Capricorn and consider the change in tone from warm, fixed, masculine air to cold, cardinal, feminine earth. Capricorn will likely not appreciate the changes to her plans brought about by Aquarius. Saturn will act as the arbiter of our actions as a society and of our rulers and government.

Jupiter will enter his in phasis stage a few hours after the full moon perfects. Jupiter has accomplished little in Capricorn. He falls here and he prefers to occupy masculine signs. He was beseiged by malefics before, so he is in better shape now that they are in Aquarius. In phasis, he becomes even less of a benefic than ever when turning to a retrograde course. It is not a surprise that Jupiter rules the 11th house here. We will not being enjoying much aid from friends here and will not be able to provide much aid. Social networks will tend to be strained and breakdown. Spending time on Facebook, I see a lot of talk that a person is stupid if they believe the government or conversely, they are stupid if they fall for counter culture arguments. Everyone is stressed and we see that people are really taking it out on each. There is little sympathy or compassion. Moon in Scorpio in the 7th really amplifies the abuse and even gaslighting. Jupiter also rules the 8th house of death. As Jupiter does not have the power to expand, this might be a blessing in disquise. The 12th part of Mars is also in the 8th, which actually implies death related to anger and violence.

Lastly, Venus is in phasis and will turn to backtrack on her course next week. Venus is less benefic than normal now, but never transforms into the quasi-malefic that Jupiter can when he is damaged. Venus also mutually receives Mercury by sign, which is a healthy, happy exchange. Venus lends more support to the Sun in this sense, although she is incapable of dealing with him directly. The 12th part of Venus is in the 10th with Saturn and Mars. Venus is granted some of her wishes here, because she plays nicely with these two bad boys, but she truly balances on a tight rope of diplomacy, being besieged by malefics. Despite some of the bad press about loosening social distancing, I think that we will find that people are mostly coming out of hiding in a responsible fashion. With Mars not well situated in Aquarius, we may continue to see arbitrary rules written and enforced.

I examined this from the perspective of my home state of Florida, placing Tallahassee as the chart location. There are some fundamental differences. FullScorpio20FL

Scorpio and Taurus retain their overall influence on the matter, but the 12th part AC/DC remains in the 1st and the 7th, but transposed. I am always fascinated when native placements and 12th parts repeatedly exchange with one another, like a ping pong match. Saturn has already culminated in the DC chart and is moving away from the MC, whereas Florida’s Saturn is sitting directly on it. Sunrise has not yet occurred, so he is not in hayz, the Moon is. Florida and many of her southern sisters have not payed the high price some of our northern neighbors have as it relates to COVID-19. Florida is also making more direct efforts to re-open. Florida is either right or wrong in this matter, and the results of that will shortly be revealed. Both Florida and the US as a whole see Venus ruling the 1st and 6th houses. Again, her condition is mixed, but she never behaves as a malefic. She works hard to appease and appeal to Saturn and Mars.

While poking around looking for some less obvious art relating the May-Day celebrations, I found the the feature pic of Guinevere as portrayed by John Collier, a 19th century British artist. We know Guinevere as the Queen of Camelot, who’s affair with Lancelot brought about the destruction of the Arthurian world. In this portrait, she is the May Queen. There is a warning here that every rose has a thorn and that beauty, joy and love can lead to decay, betrayal and destruction. Ancient Europeans understood that evil can be found during times of beauty and celebration and left bundles of flowers on their doorsteps to ward off evil as part of the Beltane ritual. The tale of Guinevere and the fullness of the Beltane story correspond nicely to the Scorpio Full Moon and Venus retrograde.

During the same time period that Collier created various masterpieces, Alfred, Lord Tennyson composed The Idylls of the King, which tells the story of Arthur, Guinevere and Camelot. Lord Tennyson had Moon and Venus in Gemini, and his ASC at 21 degrees, which is where Venus is currently stationed. Tennyson was the preeminent poet of his age. I am always amazed at how I rediscover these little snippets at just the right time, particularly when it fits in so nicely with current astrological events. Happily, this poem also deals with a lady, who was quite frankly, a tramp.




Transit of Mercury 2019

I would begin this post by making the bold claim that November 2019 is an exciting and unusual month both astronomically and astrologically. But to be honest, when you closely study an ephemeris and the sky on a regular basis, every month is exciting. In fact, I have been studying the heavens to some degree nearly all my life, and I only find myself feeling more passion and wonder, not less. I suppose that it is when you have truly arrived at your purpose and calling in life. In this instance though, a whole bunch of people besides me are gaga over tomorrow’s celestial event.

Less than 12 hours from now, Mercury will transit or occult the Sun. Bascially, this is similar to a Solar eclipse, in that Mercury will pass between the Sun and the Earth to form a inferior conjunction with the Sun. This marks the beginning of a new 116 day cycle of Mercury. Conjunctions occur astrologically when planets line up by longitude. Parallels occur when planets line up by declination (latitude). Eclipses, transits and occultations occur when bodies are both conjunct and parallel. Furthermore, these less common astro phenonenon occur when a planet crosses over one its nodes. In this case, Mercury will cross its ascending (north) node from south to north.


Tomorrow, Mercury will conjunct the Sun at 18°55′ Scorpio and will parallel the Sun at 17°S26′. With such precision numbers, if it were the Moon and not Mercury, the Sun would be totally eclipsed. As it is, Mercury will appear as but a freckle on the face of Sol. During the 2017 solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon were at 28°52′ longitude in Leo, and they were at 11°N51′ and 12°N16′ respectively. The lunar nodes were at 13°N and S respectively. Our Mercury transit coordinates are even tighter. During the solar eclipse of July 2018, which was only partial, there was an 82 minute separation between the declination of the Sun and the Moon. The Nodes were 15 degrees away from the luminaries. I think you can see where I am going here. When the transit of Mercury numbers are tight, Mercury cuts right across the heart of the Sun. Less precise declination results in Mercury cutting across anywhere from less than center to the rims of the Sun.

So, what does this mean for us in the wide world of astro sports? On one hand, Mercury will be cazimi. A planet is generally harmed by the rays of a Sun during a close conjunction and is considered combust. When is planet is cazimi, it is within a 17′ radius of the Sun on either side, the affairs of the planets are not hampered, they are amplified. So Mercury in Scorpio will receive a tremendous boost from his association with the Sun. How this plays out will depend on the house and sect of Mercury, which will depend on your location.

Now, cazimi is considered beneficial, but eclipses are not. I have to wonder if too much potentcy is such a good thing. We shall see. The possibly of too much potency with Scorpio is always a legitimate issue on its own. I would place less emphasis on the apparent retrograde motion of Mercury. The inferior conjunction of Mercury occurs halfway through the retrograde period, therefore, it is not quite as intense as when Mercury is stationing. Pay attention to the behavior of those around you and the events of the world and even your own internal processes. Mercury in Scorpio has a laser focus by its own merit. This transit will likely cut to the core of any matter.

I wish I could dive more into this, but I have school work and then work-work in the am. I know; I should have planned ahead!:) Here is the chart for tomorrow’s transit taken from my location. Also, below that, I am providing a couple of valuable astronomical links for this event from people who have a much deeper technological understanding than I do. I am also providing a link to the Swiss Ephemeris, where you can calculate the nodes of all the planets.

Mercury Cazimi Occult

(As an aside: note that the Part of Faith aligns with Spirit when the Sun and Mercury are conjoined. This is due to the formulas used to derive those two parts. Interestingly, the Part of Faith appeared on my Janus charts without me prompting it. I suspect this relates to some work I did about Notre Dame earlier in the year, which I didn’t get to print in a timely manner. I probably selected that part and then forgot about. It fell off my visual radar until now, but interacts with several key points over the next month, and the last month Jupiter is in his domicile. I will discuss this more later in the week.)

The featured image for this post is a Medieval take on key divisions of philosophy: arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy, called the Quadrivium. The Quadrivium relates to the seven liberal arts dating back to ancient Greece.

The diagram I posted depicting the transit of Mercury is from an unknown source, but I located it in several disparate places online. If you are the owner of this image, please let me know so I can credit you or remove it.

Last transit of Mercury until 2032